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Bring It On

Bring It On Special Round 2

Past Program

Date : 2016-03-10

Bring It On Special Round 2: Korea's standout ventures! (IT startups)
Bring It On is back with a special episode.
This time, Korea's promising enterprises will introduce their innovative products. In the second edition, three startups will introduce their IT-based items that make our daily lives smarter and more convenient.
Topic: A place for student, teachers and parents to interact
A social network service app, Classting
KIM Tae-Woo
KIM Tae-Woo
CEO Cho Hyun-ku knows what it takes to build a fun, safe and interactive space for students, teachers, parents. He was a teacher after all.
It's a fun way for them to share education materials, pictures, counseling, heart-to-heart talks and even quick get-togethers. Find out more about the IT classroom app, Classting.
Topic: A total solution for protecting your apps
Smartphone app security startup SEWORKS
Cho Sung
Cho Sung
App users are more vulnerable than they think.
From malicious source code infiltration to other dangerous attacks, AppSolide developed by SEWORKS scans a new app for any vulnerabilities even before it hits the market.
Follow-up reports are provided to ensure no hackers can prey on the users.
The top professionals in the field are working around the clock to better protect you and your apps against such dangers.
Topic: Forget blackboards and chalks
Get with the times with I-KAIST's teaching tools
Hwang Sung-hyun
Hwang Sung-hyun

Classrooms are getting smarter as IT is infused into education.
I-KAIST continues to brainstorm and develop innovative items that can help the learning experience.
Touch screens, touch tables, smart boards, and smart school solutions - they have it all. Both the education sector and IT industries have their eyes on I-KAIST.


Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Do-hyun
- Cho Hyun-tae
- Byun Yeong-kyoon
- Kim Ji-eun
- Kim Chang-hun
- Kim Hye-soo
Assistant Director
- Kim Jae-seob
- Kim Mia
- Park Ka-hee
- Kim Ah-Young
- Kim Yu-jeong
- Kim Hui-eun
App development team
- Jung Jae-hoon
- Oh Hye-jeong
- Seo Jae-hun
- Kang Byung-soo
English Editor
- Kim Jiah
- Gu In-hee
Directed by
- Media will
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