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Bring It On

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Past Program

Date : 2016-08-08

(Season2) Episode 21 Topic : Medical System
Health is important to us all.
Times are changing, and so are check-ups, treatments and all things related to medical care.
We introduce you to the medical systems of Korea, the United States and Russia.system.
Topic: Russia's telecare
Inna MASLOVA / Russia
Russia's telecare
Russia is a big country, and to overcome the obstacle of distance, a new medical system is in practice. Telecare. Using communication devices, doctors can tend to patients and even treat them remotely. The rest of the world is rushing to keep up with Russia's medical telecare service.
Topic: Fast response: 911 emergency system
Todd SAMPLE / U.S.
Fast response: 911 emergency system
Anyone can fall victim to crime or accidents.
Emergency medical treatment is all too important when it's a race against time.
America has a response system that quickly answers such distress calls.
Police, firefighters and medics coordinate efforts and are ready to respond.
Topic: Pinacle of medical technology: Korea's IT Medical equipment
1Kyne / Korea
IT powerhouse Korea also boasts world-class medical systems
IT powerhouse Korea also boasts world-class medical systems.
The two converge to create advanced medical equipment that helps doctors reach new heights of efficiency and speed.From diagnosis, surgery to rehab, Korea continues to produce amazing IT medical equipment.
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Do-hyun
- Cho Hyun-tae
- Byun Yeong-kyoon
- Kim Ji-eun
- Kim Chang-hun
- Kim Hye-soo
Assistant Director
- Kim Jae-seob
- Kim Mia
- Park Ka-hee
- Kim Ah-Young
- Kim Yu-jeong
- Kim Hui-eun
App development team
- Jung Jae-hoon
- Oh Hye-jeong
- Seo Jae-hun
- Kang Byung-soo
English Editor
- Kim Jiah
- Gu In-hee
Directed by
- Media will
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