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What's on This Episode

Past Program

Date : 2016-10-07

Seoulscape Ep13 - Simple Little Happiness
Urban Farmer

A peek into the little happiness of urban farmers that cultivate in the metropolis of Seoul.

Gimjang Festival

Bringing back the old tradition and history of gimjang while enjoying the happiness of sharing with the most needy.

Other Festivals in Seoul

Breaking awayy from the busy routine, we visit a little festival in search of some little but special happiness.

Healing Spa

From jjimjilbang to the most luxurious spas in the city. Some healing happiness to relax your mind and body.

Scenes of Sharing

Some warmth for the heart and happiness sharing with the under-privileged in the “Secret Santa” event.

Simple Little HappinessSimple Little HappinessSimple Little HappinessSimple Little HappinessSimple Little Happiness


Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kwon Tae-chul
- Hwang Ung-ki
- Lee Seung-ju
- Lee Yu-rim
- Kim Sung-yeon
- Yu Won-jeong
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