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Medical Story
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Medical Story

Medical Story #1

Past Program

Date : 2014-08-30

Medical Story : part 1

Republic of Korea's medical techniques became an advanced guard point that enhances nation's brand. In returning the medical aid received from advanced countries sixty years ago, Korea took another step forward and opened an era where the patients from all over the world seek its hospitals and medical teams.

While the rapid growth of Korea's economy and prestige became a stepping stone for medical professional's capabilities to become world class, the advancement of hospital's infrastructure and medical systems also occurred at the same time.

Patients around the world no longer depend only on the medical care of developed countries. The recognition of Korea's medical technology in the medical world, and the hope of "Healing Korea" spreaded throughout the world because of the characteristics of Koreans exceptional concentration and determination, and also the delicacy that came from the culture that uses chopsticks since childhood . Also the care and kindness in the medical environment and the state-of-the-art medical technology became a portion in established firm trust on Korea's medical techniques.

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