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Arts Avenue

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : THU 07:30 KST

Date : 2017-01-19

Arts Avenue 2017 Ep.03
Fine Art
Exhibition "Journey to A Fluid Island"

Korean painting used to heal dreamers in times of hardship when even their personal memories and fantasies were being persecuted. This genre is now pushing its boundaries with a broad subject area and techniques ranging from traditional ink wash painting to watercolor painting and acrylic painting. In the year 2017, 14 artists in their 30's and 40's shed new light on Korean painting and its future.

[Fine art] Exhibition "Journey to A Fluid Island"

Kumho Museum of Art >

Shoes For Your Happiness

There's a saying that goes, "Good shoes take you to good places." With the hope of taking everyone to the best place in the world, designer Yoon Mi-ra presents beautiful handmade shoes for women modeled after men's classic footwear and fairy tales. Yoon's shoes let the ladies transform into strong, influential leaders at times and sweet, lovely girls at others. With her timeless shoes, the designer is working her magic on you.

[Design] Shoes For Your Happiness

Misiricode >

"Night of 18 Strings" by Chunhogarang

The gayageum is a traditional Korean zither made with silk strings twisted and placed on movable bridges, attached to a wooden soundboard. This instrument produces a broad range of sound through subtle finger placements, exemplifying the tranquil beauty of Korea. The nonet Chunhogarang offers a true auditory feast with the gayageum.
[Performance] "Night of 18 Strings" by Chunhogarang

[performance] "Night of 18 Strings" by Chunhogarang

Korea Culture House >



Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
- Lee Eun-seo
- Seo Jin-yong
- Cho Yoo-kyung
Assistant Director
- Kang Jeong-eun
- Lee Joong-dong
Camera Director
- Seo Yeon-taek
- Son Seong-moon
- Han Yong-ho
- Lee Eun-soo
- Jeong Hwa-young
- Kim Do-yeon
- Lim Su-bin
- Yoon He-ra
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