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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 KST

Date : 2018-01-19

Simply K-Pop Ep 295 / Simply K-Pop stages that you want to see again #1
Lovelyz - Twinkle

The title song of Lovelyz' 3rd mini-album released in November 2017, "Twinkle" is a love-filled winter song that goes easy on the ears.

Lovelyz – Now, we

Released in May 2017 through Lovelyz' 2nd full-length repackaged album, "Now, we" carries the group's sentimentality while highlighting their vocal talents.

Lovelyz - Wow!

Part of Lovelyz's 2nd full-length album "R U Ready?" in February 2017, "WoW!" has a unique mix of a retro melody and synth sounds.

Lovelyz - Destiny

As the title song of Lovelyz's 2nd mini-album in April 2016 "Destiny" compares the feelings of having a crush to the relationship of the sun, earth, and moon.

simply K-POP

"DRAMARAMA," which revealed itself in November 2017 through MONSTA X's 5th mini-album, is filled with strong sounds that mix well with the group's hip-hop vibes.

MONSTA X - Beautiful

Released through MONSTA X's 1st full-length album "THE CLAN pt2.5" in March 2017, "Beautiful" is about having faith towards undeniable love.

MONSTA X - Fighter

Carrying a grand sound with straightforward lyrics, "Fighter" was revealed through MONSTA X's 4th mini-album "THE CLAN Pt.2 GUILTY."

MONSTA X – All in

Receiving a lot of love from fans for its strong beats and romantic melody, "All in" was revealed in May 2016 through MONSTA X's 3rd mini album "THE CLAN pt.1 LOST."

simply K-POP

As the title song of EXID's 4th mini-album "Full Moon," "DDD" is about not shaking in fear and being straightforward with a man who lies.

EXID – Night Rather Than Day

Part of EXID's 3rd mini-album released in April 2017, "Night Rather Than Day" is a song that doesn't have a fast melody or high notes but remains refreshing.


First revealed in June 2016 through EXID's 1st full-length album, "L.I.E" is a song that expresses many feelings such as doubt, sadness, hate, annoyance, anger.


"HOT PINK" is a digital single album release by EXID in November 2015 with a message to look on the inside, instead of judging by outward appearances.

simply K-POP
BTOB – Missing You

"Missing You," released in October 2017 through BTOB's 2nd mini-album "Brother Act," is about the honest longing that follow after a breakup.


The title song of BTOB's 10th mini-album "Feel'eM" in March 2017, "MOVIE" is about wanting to love romantically like they do in movies.

BTOB – Remember that

As the title song of BTOB's 8th mini-album in March 2016, "Remember that" is about reminiscing about the warm spring memories with a lover.

simply K-POP
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Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
Producer & Director
- Kim Hyun-young
- Park Sang-hyun
Floor Director & Director
- Lee Jae-seon
Assistant Director
- Jung Joo-hye
- Suh Ji-won
- Yang Young-mi
- Kim Un-suk
- Kwon So-jin
English Writer
- Grace Hong
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