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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 KST

Date : 2017-11-17

Simply K-Pop Ep 291

Showing a successful musical change through their 3rd mini-album "Eclipse" earlier in the year, EXID returned after seven months with new music for their fans.

Describing the nervousness that causes no words to come out, "DDD" is about not shaking in fear and confronting a man who lies.

simply K-POP
NRG - 20th Night

After debuting in 1997 with a quick rise in popularity in East Asia, NRG returned after 12 years with a 20th anniversary album for their fans.

As the title song, "20th Night" is a disco-style song with groovy and funky beats, showing NRG's energy and wittiness.

simply K-POP
ASTRO - Crazy Sexy Cool

Previously shown as refreshing boys who sell dreams through the "Dream Store," ASTRO added a dash of masculine sexiness for their new album "Dream Part.02."

The title song "Crazy Sexy Cool" is a Nu-disco British Pop song that captures all of ASTRO's refreshing and sexy charms.

simply K-POP
JBJ - Fantasy

A group that was created for and by the fans, JBJ began activities with their 1st mini-album "FANTASY," wanting to have fun with fans.

Describing how JBJ came to be with the hopes and yearning of fans, "Fantasy" is about a fantastical dream coming true in reality.

simply K-POP
IN2IT - Amazing

Born from an audition program of 5,500 participants with 260 regular concert performances, the eight member group IN2IT made their debut with "CarpeDiem."

Containing IN2IT's sweet and elegant voices, "Amazing" is about a boy's feelings of love and playing-hard-to-get towards his girlfriend.

simply K-POP
Gavy NJ - You said you were happy

Consistently releasing songs as a representative female vocal group, Gavy NJ returned with a ballad showcasing their unique emotional color.

Full of Gavy NJ's deep emotions and vocals, "You said you were happy"is a traditional ballad fitting for the autumn and winter season.

simply K-POP
MASC - Do it

Adding four new members, the now eight member group MASC returned after eight months with their new single "Do it" and an upgraded image.

With members Woo-soo and ACE participating in the song production, "Do it" has a retro synth sound of the 70s and 80s, made colorful with the members' voices.

simply K-POP

With an unforgettable and charming voice, HEYNE returned after a year with her sixth digital single "LOVE IS BLIND."

As an electronic pop style song, "LOVE IS BLIND" gives off feel-good vibes with the refreshing collaboration with musician MINSOO.

simply K-POP
VAV - She's Mine

Showcasing various images through "Venus," "Flower," and "ABC" through the year, VAV returned with their urban sexy concept single "She's Mine."

As an urban dance song, "She's Mine" is of the electronic music genre that shows VAV's sophisticated and masculine charms.

simply K-POP
Kim So Hee - SobokSobok

After participating in a popular audition program and diverse project groups, Kim So Hee finally made her official debut with her mini-album "the Fillette."

With a bit of Bossa Nova rhythm mixed with Kim So Hee's vocals, "SobokSobok" carries a dreamy and warm sound for a cozy mood.

simply K-POP
Nick&Sammy - Without You

As multitalented singer-songwriters, Nick&Sammy followed up their June and August singles in with their 1st EP album, "Without You."

With a trendy melody, the title song "Without You" is about the feelings of a man, who misses his ex-lover.

simply K-POP

Rising as a talented vocalist through various collaborations and drama OSTs, LEE YE JOON unveiled a new single, revealing a different kind of color.

Beginning with the sound of wind, "SINCERELY" is a soft and refreshing ballad that highlights LEE YE JOON's wide range of vocals.

simply K-POP
The Rose - Like We Used To

As a talented rookie band who self-composed and produced their debut single, The Rose made a sophisticated comeback with their 2nd single album.

"Like We Used To" is about the sad reality that all the beautiful times spent together with an ex-lover must be left as past memories in the present.

simply K-POP
D.I.P - A Likely Night Official

Ambitiously promising to serve as K-pop diplomats to stages around the world, D.I.P returned after 10 months since their debut single release.

With lyrics that stand out, "A Likely Night Official" is a song with a strong drop and fancy rhythm that anyone can get addicted to.

simply K-POP
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Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
Producer & Director
- Kim Hyun-young
- Park Sang-hyun
Floor Director & Director
- Lee Jae-seon
Assistant Director
- Jung Joo-hye
- Suh Ji-won
- Yang Young-mi
- Kim Un-suk
- Kwon So-jin
English Writer
- Grace Hong
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