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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 KST

Date : 2017-10-20

Simply K-Pop Ep 287 [Simply K-Pop's pick of currently rising star]
PENTAGON - Like This (ep.282)

Spotlighted as a talented new generation idol group since their 2016 debut, PENTAGON showed their growth with a self-composed 4th mini-album "DEMO_01."

Self-composed by leader Hui, "Like This" is full of sophisticated and grandiose sounds in its dynamic melody, along with challenging and adventurous lyrics.

simply K-POP
KNK – Rain (ep.274)

Actively promoting since their March 2016 debut, KNK firmly showed their unique emotions through their repackaged album "GRAVITY, Completed."

With the sound of rain in the background, "Rain" is about reminiscing about an ex-lover on a rainy night and reliving the different emotions of the breakup.

simply K-POP

Known for his singing and producing skills through audition programs, JEONG SEWOON officially debuted as a solo artist in August 2017.

As a debut album b-track, "MIRACLE" is a ballad with a beautiful piano and string melody, made complete with carefully written lyrics by JEONG SEWOON.


The title song, "JUST U" shows JEONG SEWOON's sophisticated growth with his emotional voice mixing well with polished beats and Sik-K's sensuous rap.

simply K-POP
MXM - I'M THE ONE (ep.282)

Spotlighted through an audition program in early 2017, BRANDNEW BOYS' Young-min and Dong-hyun revealed their 1st mini-album "UNMIX" as a unit group.

With a refreshing melody, "I'M THE ONE" is about a man making a confident confession, asking a special someone to always stay by his side.

simply K-POP
The East Light – I Got You (ep.277)

Acknowledged since November 2016 for their incredible talents, The East Light released their 1st mini-album "six senses," filled with their unique colors.

Complete with reggae and R&B sounds, "I Got You" is a lovable and addictive song that goes easy on the ears with The East Light's exceptional talent.

simply K-POP
KARD - Oh NaNa (ep.274)

Successfully carrying out a debut project since December 2016 and gaining love around the world, KARD dropped their 1st mini-album "Hola Hola" in July 2017.

First revealed through their debut project, "Oh NaNa" received a lot of love from the public as a serenade full of sweet charms.

simply K-POP

Debuted in late 2016 with a name meaning "a voice towards the world," VICTON cemented their colors through their 3rd mini-album "IDENTITY" in August 2017.

With members Seung-woo and Han-se participating in the song production, "UNBELIEVABLE" is about finding out a crush likes you back.

simply K-POP
gugudan - A Girl Like Me (ep.256)

Showing refreshing performances full of dreams and hopes since June 2016, gugudan unveiled their 2nd mini-album "Act.2 Narcissus" in February 2017.

With an addictive melody and cute lyrics, "A Girl Like Me" is about a girl who actively tries to attract the boy that she's heads over heels for.

simply K-POP
Dreamcatcher - Fly high (ep.276)

With a unique nightmare concept first introduced in January 2017, Dreamcatcher continued activities with their mini-album "Prequel" in July.

Decorated with powerful piano and guitar sounds, "Fly high" draws out an inescapable nightmare, going deeper into Dreamcatcher's unique story.

simply K-POP
ONF – ON/OFF (ep.280)

Aspiring to show various colors with ON and OFF co-existing in one team, ONF unveiled their debut single album "ON/OFF" in August 2017.

As an addictive song with an eye-catching performance, "ON/OFF" highlights each of the seven members' unique voices and dance moves.

simply K-POP
Golden Child – DamDaDi (ep.282)

With a name meaning "a perfect child that comes once every 100 years," Golden Child debuted with their 1st mini-album "Gol-Cha!" in August 2017.

As the debut and title song, "DamDaDi" carries a bright dance melody that showcases Golden Child's youthful passion and innocent charms.

simply K-POP
Weki Meki – I don't like your Girlfriend (ep.280)

Consisting of eight members, including I.O.I's Yoo-jung and Do-yeon, Weki Meki released their bubbly energy with their 1st mini-album "WEME" in August 2017.

Full of Weki Meki's teen crush charms, "I don't like your Girlfriend" is an energetic song of the Future Hip-hop genre with an easy-to-sing hook.

simply K-POP
ELRIS – Pow Pow (ep.283)

Debuted in June 2017 with "We, first," ELRIS made a comeback with bright and adorable energy for their 2nd mini-album "Color Crush."

With addictive guitar riffs and a strong brass session, "Pow Pow" compares the heart flutters ahead of a confession to a volcano ready to explode.

simply K-POP
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- Summer Jung
Producer & Director
- Kim Hyun-young
- Park Sang-hyun
Floor Director & Director
- Lee Jae-seon
Assistant Director
- Jung Joo-hye
- Suh Ji-won
- Yang Young-mi
- Kim Un-suk
- Kwon So-jin
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- Grace Hong
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