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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

Date : 2018-10-19

Simply K-Pop Ep. 333
World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST
SOYOU - All Night

As an artist who can pull of different music genres, SOYOU made a comeback with sophistication and sexiness with her 1st full-length album "RE:FRESH".

Filled with latin vibes, "All Night" is about the strange feelings of nervousness and excitement that the night brings when it comes to love.

simply K-POP

Showing their growth through various concept from constellations to magic, WJSN made a brilliant comeback with "WJ PLEASE?".

The title song "Save Me, Save You" is a synth pop song about a girl who explains how one should treat and protect love.

simply K-POP
Jung Dong Ha - Let Me Go Back

As an artist recognized for his powerful voice, Jung Dong Ha made a comeback with his first full-length solo album in 13 years.

As a traditional ballad, "Let Me Go Back" is about the feelings of a man who is unable to forget an ex-lover from the past.

simply K-POP
APRIL - Oh! my mistake

As a girl group that blossoms with each comeback, April returned as bold women full of confidence in their 6th mini-album "the Ruby".

The title song "Oh! my mistake" is a citypop style track that highlights the April's refreshing singing abilities and stage presence.

simply K-POP
Dreamcatcher – What

Cementing their unique color and metal rock sounds, Dreamcatcher returned with their 3rd mini-album "Alone In The City".

As a powerful song with a mix of symphony and rock sounds, "What" is about the stories of the girls who return to reality.

simply K-POP
KIM DONG HAN - Good Night Kiss

Following the success of his solo debut album, KIM DONG HAN made a quick comeback in four months with his 2nd mini-album "D-NIGHT".

With KIM DONG HAN participating in the lyric writing, "Good Night Kiss" is a dance song with deep retro sounds.

simply K-POP
WekiMeki - Crush

Bringing their bright teen crushin' colors once again, WekiMeki made a long-awaited comeback with their 1st single album "KISS, KICKS".

As a moombahton dance song, "Crush" about a girl in love making a bold and straightforward confession to the person she likes.

simply K-POP
BerryGood - Mellow Mellow

Adding the crunch and freshness of an apple, the 6 members of BerryGood returned with their 1st full-length album "FREE TRAVEL."

"Mellow Mellow" is a song that sweetly expresses the heart-pounding feelings of a girl who's fallen in love.

simply K-POP
GWSN - Puzzle Moon

After attracting attention with their dreamy teasers and unique artwork, GWSN finally made their debut with "THE PARK IN THE NIGHT, part 1".

"Puzzle Moon" is about girls finding their imperfect selves and their dreams and hopes coming true as broken pieces of the moon are put together as a whole.

simply K-POP
VAV - Senorita

Spending most of 2018 traveling the world on their overseas tour, VAV returned to bring their 5th single album "Senorita" to fans.

As a remake of German rapper Kay One's song of the same title, "Senorita" has a strong latin melody and is about men searching for love.

simply K-POP

Ready to show their girl crush colors and performances, the 4-member girl group TROPICAL made their debut on August 30.

As an onomatopoeia of a kiss, "MWAH" is about approaching a person of interest first when he's too hesitant to do so.

simply K-POP
Newkidd - Shooting star

Following their 1st preview album in 2017 and two new members, Newkidd made a comeback in 8 months with their 2nd preview album.

As an electronic dance song with funky grooves, "Shooting Star" is about boldly making a confession to a crush.

simply K-POP
SEO JI AN - All my days

A balladeer that suits the autumn season, SEO JI AN made a quick comeback after two months with his latest single "All my days".

"All my days" is a serenade that expresses the greatest promise and gratitude that one can give to someone he loves.

simply K-POP
HighSoul(Feat. Kiss N) - I LOVE YOU

Showing growth with each release, HighSoul returned with her 4th single and 1st remake album.

As a remake of group Zoo's beloved 1995 hit, "I LOVE YOU" has a bright and refreshing atmosphere and features Kiss N.

simply K-POP
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Executive Producer
- Yoon Hye-young
Producer & Director
- Kim Hyun-young
Floor Director
& Director
- Lee Eun-ji
- Yoon Hye-ji
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- Jeong Da-win
- Byun Deresa
- Lee Min-ju
- Sin Hee-hwa
English Writer
- Grace Hong
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