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The Sensation
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The Sensation

What's on This Episode

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Date : 2015-04-02

"Singing Strings, Gayageum & Geomungo!"

Korea has the two most famous string instruments!
They are the "geomungo" and "gayageum!"
Living for thousands of years, they have made noble melodies that have touched humans and all things in the universe.

The strong spirit of their sounds swallows the heavens and the earth.
This grand and unwavering sound flows on the strings as if it will embrace the world.

The sounds of the gayageum and geomungo are resonating but not revealing.
They express power while preserving silence.

On this week's "The Sensation," we will take a look at the gayageum and geomungo that attract all forms of human emotions to their enchanting sounds while staying at the center of all things in the universe!

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Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Park Jung-woo

- Yoon Hye-young

- Yoon Hye-young
- Yoon Duk-kyun

Assistant Director
- Lee Tae-in

- Kim Eun-jin
- Oh Sun-hwa
- Lee Hye-seon

- Kim Ji-hye

- Park Yoo-jin
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