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Arirang Special


World Ch. Schedule :   KST

Date : 2017-01-07

Arirang Special #370

View North Korea's tomorrow! North Korea's provocations, which vary from time to time, are receiving worldwide attention. In particular, when Kim Jong Eun took power, he broke the precedent of the past ten years of nuclear experiments and carried out two nuclear tests in 2016. Even under the intense pressure of the international community, he relentlessly continues on!

Trump, the president elect of the US, ranted and joked towards Kim Jung Eun! Moving past the Obama administration, which is considered passive, what kind of North Korea policy will unfold? Experts say that North Korea is awaiting Trump's actions. If Trump has a hostile policy toward North Korea Kim Jong Eun wants to be assured of his safety. Will Kim Jong-eun, who is making efforts to sustain economic development, be able to meet with Trump?

"If the meetings between Trump and Kim Jong-un is held, it will bring about a big change in the dynamics of the Korean peninsula"

Despite the United Nations Security Council's strong and comprehensive sanctions against North Korea, Sino-DPRK trade has continued to increase. What is the reality of the North Korean trade that the Arirang staff members learned by visiting Dandong, China, the city in which Over 70% of Sino-DPRK trade is carried out?

The reality of North Korean soldiers witnessed on the banks of the Yalu River! North Koreans struggling to live under a social system concentrated on nuclear development! In particular, as Kim Jong Eun took power, the punishment for North Korean refugees became even more severe. What will happen to China's policy toward North Korea in 2017?

"Even within China, the assessment of North Korea is changing.
North Korea is no longer a strategic asset of China! It's a strategic burden."

The story of peace on the Korean peninsula, international politics and prospects of North Korea in 2017 by thirty experts on politics, economics, nuclear, and human rights begins.

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