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4 Angles

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World Ch. Schedule : THU 07:30 KST

Date : 2017-06-22

4 Angles Ep.174
On Sote – The Defense Ministry's KIA Recovery and Identification Project
The Korean War broke out on June 25, 1950. The remains of some veterans remain in the cold and lonely wild, despite their ultimate sacrifice for the country. The Defense Ministry's KIA Recovery and Identification team scours the country to find these remains and return them to their families. The project began as a part of commemorative projects on the 50th anniversary of the Korean War. We learn about the KIA Recovery and Identification team, and their entire process from excavation of remains to labwork for positive identification.
'Village Enterprises' Revitalize Regions and Residents
Village enterprises vitalize local regions and create jobs for residents. The Ministry of the Interior implemented the village enterprise system in 2011 and has been offering support ever since. 1,446 village enterprises have launched nationwide in the last 6 years. Among them, the Evergreen Blue Cooperative of Yangpyeong, established in 2014, has demonstrated autonomous harvesting and production, showcasing 6th industry development with nearly 900 thousand dollars in yearly sales. Thanks to this, it has been benchmarked by groups throughout the country. We introduce the successful village enterprise, and learn about the secrets to its success.
Sports Moving Indoors! The Evolution of the Sports Space Industry
The sports space industry was formerly dominated by screen golf. Recently, a diversification of sports, from basball to shooting, have emerged as a new category of leisure culture. Screen baseball rooms grew in market size to over 88 million dollars last year, more than a 10-fold increase compared to 2 years earlier. One screen baseball venue places the mound at a distance identical to a real field and launches various pitch types to add a sense of reality. Pub-style screen shooting ranges are also popular. From office workers looking to blow of steam to families enjoying sports away from fine dust and UV rays, the influx of visitors is endless. We look at the current state of screen sports and learn about the cause of their popularity.
Planteriors, Bringing Nature Indoors
Planteriors, combining plants and interior design, are gaining popularity among those interested in interior design. Planterior spacial design breaks down boundaries between indoors and outdoors, by harmoniously placing plants inside. We introduce how planteriors have made their way into our lives, from public buildings to homes.
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Kim Oe-sik
Producer & Director
- Park jeong-Woo
- Park Youn
- Kang woo-yong
- Kang Il-ho
- Lee Yoon-ah
Assistant Director
- Lee Eun-jung
- Park Si-on
- Cha Hyo-chin
- Kim Su-vin
- Lee Ji-hye
- Ryu Jeong-Mi
- Kang Eun-min
English Writer
- Simon O