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4 Angles

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to THU 06:20,TUE to FRI 00:20, SAT to SUN 06:00 KST

Date : 2017-01-21

4 Angles Ep.152
Egg Prices Soar
Egg prices are skyrocketing amid the country's worst ever outbreak of avian influenza, or AI. Supermarkets are now limiting customers to one 30-egg carton at a time, which is selling for US$ 15. With the steep price hike dealing a major blow to local restaurants and bakeries, the Korean government has decided to streamline import procedures for fresh eggs and egg products to help alleviate the shortage. We take a closer look at the AI crisis that is spiraling out of control.
New Minimum Wage for 2017
Korea has increased its minimum wage for 2017 to US$ 5.50 an hour, a 7.3 percent rise from the previous year. Workers will now earn about US$ 1,148 dollars per month, if they work 40 hours a week. Trade unions are calling for a further rise in the minimum wage, while entrepreneurs fear it could place a heavy burden on small businesses. Find out how the minimum wage is determined.
New Trends for Holiday Gifts
The Lunar New Year holiday is a lucrative time for retailers. Holiday gift trends are changing as the country gears up for the first national holiday after the anti-graft law took effect. Retailers are rolling out affordable and practical items, in addition to traditionally popular items like pricey beef and fish sets. Learn more about the latest trends in hospitality gift-giving.
One-Man Media Boom
One in every four teenagers in Korea uses one-man media, a recent report finds. The trend is fuelled by the widespread use of smart devices and greater access to broadband. Teenagers are at the forefront of the one-man media craze, expressing their talent and creativity as a broadcast jockey, or BJ, or a musician. We look at the booming one-man media industry.
Staff and Cast
Executive Producer
- Summer Jung
Producer & Director
- Park Shin-sung
- Park Youn
- Kang woo-yong
- Kang Il-ho
- Lee Yoon-ah
Assistant Director
- Lee Eun-jung
- Cha Hyo-chin
- Kim Su-vin
- Lee Ji-hye
- Hong nam-hee
- Kang Eun-min
English Writer
- Mirinae Yoon
- Namgung Jo-eun