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Pops in Seoul
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Pops in Seoul

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 15:30 KST

Pops in Seoul
TWICE(Dance The Night Away)

This is the lead track of TWICE's second special album, "Summer Nights." It's an up-tempo pop song that describes the youthfulness of the nine members who find joy in every moment. The lyrics were written by veteran singer Whee Sung. The song captures the bright energy of TWICE, who will help blow the summer heat away for the listeners.

Pops in Seoul
To Be Determined


Pops in Seoul
Jung Yi-han (Erase and Erase)

This is a rock ballad song with lyrics and emotional elements that are reflective of Korean ballad style. It describes a man who yearns to be with his ex-lover again as he cannot remove her traces after their breakup, no matter how hard he tries.

Pops in Seoul
CHUNG HA (Roller Coaster)

This is the lead track of CHUNG HA's second mini album, "Offset." It's a song with two-step rhythm that presents a modern interpretation of 90s style music. It describes the sweet and thrilling feeling of being in love by comparing it to riding a roller coaster. CHUNG HA presents flawless vocals from start to finish.