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Heart to Heart

What's on This Episode

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Jay Chang-joon Kim, Former Member of the U.S. Congress

Last November was an exhilarating moment for Koreans as a Korean-American was elected a member of Congress after 2 decades. On today's Heart-to-Heart, we sit down with Jay Chang-joon Kim, the

first Korean to be elected a member of Congress.

He was elected to the House of Representatives for three consecutive times, in 1992, 1994 and 1996. He delivered hope and courage to Koreans residing in the United States. He contributed to the development of local constituencies and the betterment of relationship ties between South Korea and the United States.

Upon retiring from his political career, he is busy operating the Kim Changjoon Politics and Economy Academy and the Kim Changjoon US-Korea Foundation. With the expertise he acquired from his days in the American political circle, he is working diligently to foster global leaders. Jay Chang-joon Kim had a very successful career in the United States and he has now begun the second chapter of his life in Korea. He continues to challenge himself so let us learn more about Jay Chang-joon Kim.

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