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Heart to Heart
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Heart to Heart

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON to TUE 10:30 KST

Artist Park Keum-suk who promotes the excellence and artistic value of Hanji through dak paper dolls

Paper doll artist Park Keum-suk perseveres to globalize dak paper dolls. Dak paper is another form of calling Hanji, Korean traditional handmade paper.
Dak paper dolls are made using Hanji and the dolls are created through a repetitive process of gluing and drying pieces of paper.
Patience and dedication are a must to make these dolls. Many speak very highly of artist Park Keum-suk's dak paper dolls and her pieces have been greeting visitors in over 25 countries through exhibitions.
Artist Park Keum-suk's eyes shine all the more brightly when she talks about her dak paper dolls. Let us now get a glimpse of her passion, undying challenges and love for dak paper dolls on Heart-to-Heart.