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Ep.16 #Cutting-edge biometric technologies #Wireless power transmission system #Present & future of wireless power transfer technologies

World Ch. Schedule : WED 07:30 KST

Date : 2021-01-27

BizTechKOREA - Ep.16
[#Hash_Tech] Cutting-edge biometric technologies

This week on #Hash_Tech, we look into the advanced biometrics technologies that can provide enhanced security in comparison to the existing password systems. A domestic company has developed a finger vein recognition system which uses hemoglobin in veins. It means veins can be a key for authentication, just like fingerprints. It can’t be reproduced, so it provides strengthened security. As a result, it has been applied to ATMs and firearm storages. People’s eyes can also be used for authentication programs. Even twins have different irises, so irises can’t be reproduced. Also, it is a more simple and convenient method than others. We introduce advanced biometric technologies, which use the human body as a secret key by escaping from the simple password systems.

#vein_recognition #iris_recognition_USB_device #fingerprint_recognition #security #never_be_reproduced #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV

[#Lab_Tube] Wireless power transmission system

This week on #Lab_Tube, we look into Soongsil Electromagnetics Group of Soongsil University which has boosted researches on the application of electromagnetic waves, including highly efficient wireless power transfer systems, antenna, radar and high-frequency devices. Wireless power reception system is the core part as it can collect the emitted power and transform the energy into the electricity that can be supplied. The research team has designed and produced highly efficient power reception systems including rectifier circuit. Moreover, they have realized effective wireless power transfer even in a complicated indoor environment or from remote distances, by using 3D simulations. The research group has had hectic lives under the leadership of professor Hong Sun-ki. They have made advancements for the application of electromagnetic waves. We explore Soongsil Electromagnetics Group of Soongsil University, which has strived hard to develop effective wireless power transfer systems that can increase the convenience in people’s daily lives.

#Soongsil_University #School_of_Electronic_Engineering #Soongsil_Electromagnetics_Group #wireless_power_transfer #wireless_power_reception_system #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV

[#BizTech_Brunch] Present & future of wireless power transfer technologies

This week on #BizTech_Brunch, we take a look into wireless power transfer technologies which can remove all the wires and power cords of IoT devices. A domestic company has developed core facilities for the wireless power transfer in smart factories. Also, it has developed and commercialized a technology for the charging of home appliances like smartphones and laptops. Moreover, in 2019, Korea unveiled its plan to build a wireless charging road for electric vehicles by 2030. And it has achieved a high number of patent applications in the world. We report on the present and future of wireless power transfer technologies which have been applied to various sectors including medical devices, manufacturing of semiconductors and construction sites.

#wireless_power_transfer #wireless_charging #wireless_charging_road #wireless_charging_for_electric_vehicles #smart_factory #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV