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Ep.60 #Eco-friendly living trends #Evolution of eco-friendly packaging #Metal 3D printing technologies

World Ch. Schedule : WED 07:30 KST

Date : 2021-12-01

BizTechKOREA - Ep.60
Eco-friendly living trends

On this week’s #Hash_Tech, we look into the emerging eco-friendly living trends which have especially seized attention of the MZ generation. The home furnishings market has risen as people have spent a lot of time at home these days. And eco-friendly furniture has also risen as a popular trend. We introduce a special place that provides paper furniture. Bed frames, chairs and tables can be made simply by putting paper boards together. It can endure up to about 300kg and it is highly resistant to moisture. Also, it is provided at lower prices, so it has captivated the tastes of single-person households. Moreover, we introduce an electric cargo cycle which has emerged as an eco-friendly delivery method. The cargo cycle has a smaller size than general cars. And it has gained recognition as an optimal delivery solution which can cope with the rapidly rising demand for delivery services in urban areas. Also, as drivers can add power while driving, it doesn’t cause environmental pollution. The cycle can carry up to five times its own body weight, so it provides higher efficiency in comparison to general delivery vehicles. We explore the future lifestyle which aims to realize an eco-friendly environment.

#furniture #paper #recycling #cycle #delivery#fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTech_KOREA #Arirang_TV

Evolution of eco-friendly packaging

Instead of vinyl, eco-friendly packing materials have emerged. On this week’s #BizTech_Brunch, we talk about eco-friendly packaging materials which have gained recognition as an essential element for the preservation of the environment. A domestic company has developed a fully biodegradable packing material. As it doesn’t emit cadmium and dioxin during the incineration process, it can reduce air pollution. The company has developed a device that can produce compost with biodegradable items. And it is planning to provide the composted soil to the agricultural field. Also, a social venture business has developed paper cups and plates with seaweeds. Moreover, the “2021 Korea Eco-friendly Packaging Forum” was held and companies, government organizations and academic institutes joined the event. The Ministry of Environment has promoted a project on multi-use transport packaging materials. We talk about the rise of eco-friendly packaging, which will bring about significant changes to the packaging market.

#eco_friendly_packaging #biodegradable #2021_Korea_Eco_Friendly_Packaging_Forum #packaging_trend #preserving_environment #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTech_KOREA #Arirang_TV

Metal 3D printing technologies

Along with the growing demand for customized metal components for small-quantity production of diversified products, vibrant researches have been carried out on metal 3D printing. On this week’s #Lab_Tube, we introduce the Siheung Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. The research team has produced 3D printed parts that can be applied to all industrial areas. The researchers have developed the PBF, or Powder Bed Fusion method, which is a 3D printing skill that builds up metal powder in layers and selectively melts and fuses the powder together. Unlike the PBF method, DED, or Directed Energy Deposition is a method that can melt the base metal with laser beams and build up the metal powder in layers. In the past, metal parts were produced through cutting and welding processes. However, precision metal parts can be produced more easily by implementing two different methods. By developing a core space rocket component based on the DED method, the research team has garnered a lot of attention in the field. We introduce the research team of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, which has led the field of 3D printing by advancing into the fields of national defense, automobile and aerospace.

#Korea_Institute_of_Industrial_Technology #Siheung_Additive_Manufacturing_Innovation_ Center #3D_printing #metal #aerospace_industry #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTech_KOREA #Arirang_TV