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Ep.07 #Technologies for prevention of human errors #VR simulations on disasters & accidents #Evolution of safety management through IT skills

World Ch. Schedule : WED 07:30 KST

Date : 2020-11-25

BizTechKOREA - Ep.07
VCR1. Technologies for prevention of human errors

Safety management is necessary to prevent accidents in daily lives and industrial sites. Researches on ergonomics, which have used physical and mental characteristics of humans along with tools and machines in order to prevent dangerous accidents, have achieved remarkable growth. On this week’s #Lab_Tube, we introduce professor Kwon Young-guk’s ergonomics research team of Seoul National University of Science & Technology. By using a device for electromyography, the research team has focused efforts into measuring and analyzing the level of pressure on muscles when doing physical activities. And it is to improve the industrial environment. The research team will continuously promote researches to prevent human errors that might occur in industrial sites and strengthen safety management in daily lives. We look into the ergonomics research team of Seoul National University of Science & Technology, which has made a lot of efforts into improving safety and convenience for people’s future lives.

#Seoul_National_University_of_Science_Technology #Department_of_Safety_Engineering #ergonomics #human_error #safety_management_technology #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV

VCR2. VR simulations on disasters & accidents

The modern society has been considered as a potentially dangerous city. Considering the growing scale of the accidents, there’s been increasing demand for safety control. And on this week’s #Hash_Tech, we explore VR simulations on disasters and accidents which can help people protect their lives from different kinds of accidents. The VR industry has increased the completion level of technologies, achieved continuous growth and even brought paradigm shift to the fields of game and performing art. It is a virtual space, but by providing a detailed description on spaces and moving paths, the educational effect has been stregnthened. VR simulations are used to treat phobia or addiction. Moreover, it has aroused attention to safety control. We look into simulations on disasters and accidents, which have developed diversified contents with the aim of realizing “zero-accident.”

#safety_management_technology #preventing_disasters #VR #virtual_driving #experiencing_natural_disaster #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV

VCR3. Evolution of safety management through IT skills

Safety accidents might occur in different construction sites, including roads, railways and buildings. And the safety of workers has grown in significance. This week on #BizTech_Brunch, we talk about the evolution of safety management solutions which implemented IT skills. A domestic research team has developed the world’s first wireless sensor network which can prevent the bursting of heat pipes that are buried underground in different parts of the city. It can analyze the points of damage and send the result to the manager in real time. Also, it will contribute to improving the maintenance of underground pipelines. Moreover, various devices including drone, VR, smart airbag and smart helmet have been developed and applied to safety checks and education. The government is planning to invest a huge amount of budget for the management of disasters. We report on safety management technologies, which is expected to achieve remarkable growth in the near future.

#safety_management_technology #disaster_and_safety_control #heatpipes #smart_airbag #smart_helmet #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV