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ArTravel 2

Ep.06 Communicating through shapes, colors and lines in Mokpo

World Ch. Schedule : WED 11:00 KST

Date : 2019-02-20

Communicating through shapes, colors and lines in Mokpo

Yvonne Boag is the founder of the Korea-Australia project Cultural Conversations. As the best western artist to use Korean painting techniques, she has her own workshop in Korea and holds exhibitions on a regular basis. In Korea, Yvonne visited Mokpo, which reminds her of her home country of Scotland.

[Main Artist] Yvonne Boag

A Scottish artist who currently lives in Australia and creates art in Europe and Korea.
Her artworks are based on memories of her hometown in Scotland and her experience in Korea over the past 20 years.

[Brief Plot]

- Yvonne and her husband, Bob Jenson, visit Mokpo, a city where Korea's modern history lives and breathes. They visit the Modern History Museum and Yangdong Church to learn about history.

- Yvonne visits an old brick factory that was shut down 21 years ago. It was the most astonishing place in Mokpo for Yvonne when she visited the city for the first time.

- Yvonne joins local residents to paint murals in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Mokpo.

- Yvonne visits Mokpo Newport to see the remains of the Sewol ferry and pay homage to the victims of the ferry sinking. She also meets artsit Chung Tae-kwan and the two decide to draw something together.