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Travel Agency

Episode 24 Part 2 of novel Gyeongju trip with friends

World Ch. Schedule : THU 11:00 KST

Date : 2018-12-28

Part 2 of novel Gyeongju trip with friends
What's on This Week

The three earned a seal of approval to join Silla's cool Hwarang last week, and ended the day on a high note. What would be in store for them this week?

Don't you worry about a thing, since Kriesha’s tours defy ordinary! Today’s Gyeongju itinerary is a fantastic collaboration between activities and history!

The first stop is an amusement park, a world of fantasy filled with hopes and dreams. The three run into a happy problem of what to pick from all the rides they want to try! What rides would they be on?

There is a special way to look around historic relics these days?!
Simply looking around it is a thing of the past!
Taking selfies at the relics is the thing these days.
What selfies do these kids of the day take at the relic?

Curious of proof shots by insiders?
Join us on Travel Agency at 10:30 am on Thursday, December 28th!