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Episode 24 [

World Ch. Schedule : THU 10:30 KST

Date : 2018-12-13

NOW Episode 24
Winter Wonders: Fun Indoor Activities
The long, harsh winter makes us want to give up on the possibility of great fun, but don’t forget there's so much going on indoors as well. We can read comics while lying down and with delicious snack food, or enjoy fishing indoors. Explore fun-filled indoor activities in Korea to make this winter totally unforgettable.
Korean Winter Delicacy Gwameg
When the winter season starts, people in Pohang dry herring or saury in the shade. After going through a repetitive process of freezing and defrosting for days, the fish skin becomes crumpled and the fish meat becomes chewy as it is half-dried. This half-dried fish is called “gwamegi.” Find more about Korea’s ultimate winter delicacy of gwamegi at Pohang in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, where 90% of the nation’s gwamegi is produced.
Visit Seoul’s Main Printing District Chungmuro
There is an area in Seoul that never sleeps when the year draws to an end, printing greeting cards and calendars for the coming year. It’s Chungmuro, the main printing district of Seoul. From planning to design, printing and to post-processing, everything related to printed matter is handled in this area. There is even a printing school in Chungmuro that offers an in-depth knowledge of ever-evolving printing technology. Visit Chungmuro, a place barely touched by the march of time.