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Money Monster

Episode 17 [ Digital Printing / 'For-me' / Deep learning ]

World Ch. Schedule : THU 06:30 KST

Date : 2018-09-27

Money Monster Episode 17
Digital printing as a higher value-added industry

Printing technology can be directly connected to the level of culture and knowledge-based industry of a country, because it has been a key tool to preserve and share the information. And recently, digital solutions have been newly developed and applied to the traditional printing methods. It has become a higher value-added industry by implementing new technologies. Separate printing films or plates were necessary for offset printing and only the paper with a specific size can be used. However, digital printing can save time and reduce cost by printing out the original file without additional process. Eco-friendly ink is another change that has taken place in the printing industry. As eco-friendly UV inks don't generate organic compounds during the printing process, it can reduce environmental pollution. Digital printing technologies have achieved continuous development and they have also been introduced to the field of fabric printing. In the past, one side of the fabric should be printed out first and then it should be turned inside out to print on the other side. However, a recently developed digital printing machine can print both sides of the fabric at the same time, regardless of its length. Moreover, consumers had to visit the company when placing an order, but now, it has become possible to make an order through IT devices and get door-to-door services. We look into the continuing development of the printing industry which has raised the satisfaction level of consumers.

"For-me," consumption for individual values

Along with the extended economic recession, the ways people consume goods have faced diversified changes. "For-me," which means a group of consumers who tend to increase spending on their desired goods, has emerged as a new trend. It is a coined phrase coming from the first letters of "For health, One, Recreation, More convenient and Expensive" which means a consumption pattern that puts top priority on individual values. A lot of new markets have been formed, targeting the rise of "for-me." By escaping from the existing pattern that enjoys a cup of tea after a meal, a growing number of people tend to have a light meal and enjoy various kinds of desserts like cake and coffee. As a result, the dessert market has had a constant increase in sales. And an increasing number of male consumers have recently spend money to seek self-satisfaction as well. Considering the growing number of male consumers who want to have self-satisfied feelings, a lot of customized products that have reflected their needs have been released. Consumption of "for-me" consumers have expanded to a wider range of areas including hobbies, culture and art as well as traveling. We report on the rise of "for-me" as a popular consumption trend that puts the most emphasis on personal values.

Deep learning, leading the AI-based platforms

Artificial intelligence has gained recognition as one of the key technologies for the fourth industrial revolution. And deep learning technology is one of the contributing elements that has accelerated the growth of artificial intelligence. Finding a highly relevant answer within a given set of conditions is the core part of the deep learning technology. Deep learning technologies have been applied to a variety of different areas and contributed to the rapid development of artificial intelligence. Image recognition is one of the areas that have actively implemented deep learning technologies. And the CCTV industry has actively implemented the sensors for image analysis as part of an effort to prevent possible crimes. Also, deep learning technologies have collaborated with the spatial information industry, which requires sophisticated and accurate works. In the past, a human worker had to collect all the data and sort out unnecessary information. However, after introducing the deep learning technology, the time needed for the map-making process has dramatically decreased. Deep learning technologies have also created innovative changes in the field of music. We introduce deep learning technologies, which have given a boost to the artificial intelligence platforms.