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Money Monster

Ep.38 [ LiDAR sensor / Able-tech / Globalization of Korean medicine ]

World Ch. Schedule : THU 06:30 KST

Date : 2019-02-21

Money Monster Episode 38
LiDAR sensor, core of autonomous driving

Along with the growing interest in autonomous driving technologies, sensor, which is a core part of autonomous driving, has also garnered a lot of attention. LiDAR sensor is a technology that can create three-dimensional spaces. It can precisely measure the distance to a surrounding target and help the object drive autonomously. Along with the introduction of autonomous driving technologies, the LiDAR sensor market, which plays a critical role for the technologies, has also been in the spotlight. And the domestic businesses have faced fierce competition to release LiDAR sensor with improved functions. Automobile is one of the areas that has actively implemented LiDAR sensor. Korea National University of Transportation has introduced a self-driving shuttle bus for the first time in the country. The bus slows down and stops safely when it senses the pedestrians or obstacles. And it is because of the LiDAR sensor which is a core component of a self-driving bus. Moreover, along with the combination of LiDAR sensor and V2X, or Vehicle-to-Everything communications technology, it is possible to check various elements including road infrastructure and pedestrians from a control center in real time. And LiDAR sensor can help the autonomous driving of service robots. Self-driving robots can escort the users to their destination. We report on LiDAR sensor, which can recognize the surrounding environment more rapidly and accurately in three dimensions.

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Able-tech, ICT skills for the disabled

Disabled people have had a lot of inconveniences in daily lives and they have faced limitations when it comes to participating in social activities. However, able-tech, which refers to various technologies that can tackle those difficulties, has contributed to lowering the barriers. Smart farming, which improves the agricultural working environment and provides jobs to the disabled is one of the examples. Thanks to the IoT technologies, workers can control the amount of light passes through the greenhouse as well as the height of the plant beds. Also, it is possible to water the plants automatically. Workers with developmental disability can also grow crops conveniently thanks to the simplified cultivation method. Moreover, voice bar code was developed for the visually impaired people who are difficult to understand the information written on the bills or instructions. They can hear the information only by scanning the bar code with a phone camera. Also, advanced technologies that can help hearing-impaired people drive more safely have been developed. Drivers can get information on the surrounding vehicles based on the artificial intelligence technology and when a car reaches the obstacles, it can sense the distance and cause a vibration on a steering wheel. We explore the rise of able-tech, which has increased the convenience of the disabled.

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Globalization of Korean medicine

A lot of people from all parts of the globe have shown great interest in Korean culture, along with the rising popularity of the Korean Wave. The field of interest has expanded to the medical sector and traditional Korean medicine has also garnered a lot of attention. Along with the vitalization of global medical tourism services, Korean medicine has received the limelight both at home and abroad. Backwoondang Korean Medical Clinic has maintained the tradition of Korean medicine for 13 generations and provided advanced medical services which are especially effective for renal diseases. It has made a lot of positive outcomes by combining Western and Korean medical treatments. Agarwood is known to have a strong antibacterial effect. So the clinic has actively made use of the Agarwood resin for curing different types of kidney diseases. Also, 12 different types of seeds have been used for the various medical treatments provided by the clinic. The medical clinic provides 12 seeds including Omija, or five-flavor berry and Gugija or goji berry which are good for kidney. The clinic provides the medicine in granules instead of decocting the medicinal herbs, so the patients can make improvements more rapidly. By releasing a book on the treatment of kidney diseases in a Korean-English edition and sending the medicine to overseas patients, the clinic has galvanized efforts to improve awareness of Korean medicine and globalize Korean medical techniques to the world. We introduce Backwoondang Korean Medical Clinic, which has made utmost efforts to overcome the limitations and globalize the excellence of traditional Korean medicine. And we look into Korean medical techniques that are expected to make great contributions to enhancing the national

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