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Money Monster
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Money Monster

Episode 02

World Ch. Schedule : THU 06:30 KST

Date : 2018-06-14

Money Monster Episode 02
VCR1 "Untact" paradigm! Retail tech combines AI and big data

The retail industry is changing with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. New services using advanced ITs such as AI and VR are entering the market, and the fashion industry has recently introduced image-search services based on deep learning. A consumer takes a photo of a product that they want to buy, and then they are connected to a web page where they can purchase the exact same or similar products. This is only rendered more convenient with the help of a 24/7 chatbot. The offline retail industry, whose growth had slowed down due to the growing online retail industry, is reinforcing customer contact services by utilizing the existing stores. A robot barista runs an unmanned cafe, and simply saying two commands replaces the hassle of a complicated payment process, in the so-called voice shopping. We take a look at the future of retail technology, which is providing new shopping experiences by connecting the online to the offline.

VCR2 Farmtech startup that implements IoT technologies, n.thing

The food industry is no exception to the strong tides of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Food technology, which refers to the integration of various cutting-edge technologies such as AI, robots and ICT into the food industry, has become a must, not a choice, in the food industry. The food tech market size is expected to reach two hundred and fifty billion dollars by the year 2022, and corporate investments and R&D are increasing more than ever. Particularly, there have been many active developments in sustainable food production and related industries. A local startup has developed an egg-less substitute for mayonnaise, and another company has developed a technology to produce plant-based meat that can substitute for the traditional animal meat. Moreover, cellular engineering technologies are being developed to produce meat by cultivating cells extracted from animals. We explore the new markets brought about by food technology and how the new technologies will revolutionize our everyday dining table.

VCR3 Busan International Motor Show 2018

"Beyond Innovation, Into the Future." This is the catch phrase of Busan International Motor Show 2018. The show was a feast of technology, providing a good overview of the automobile industry, one of the country's future growth engines. The most notable feature of this year's show is that it showcased a wide spectrum of the future automobile life, which will develop along with the fourth Industrial Revolution. The best brands from home and abroad pitched in to demonstrate the future mobility that the automobile industry will bring, and many new technologies such as electric cars and autonomous driving were revealed. Notably, among the newly released cars, there was a clear surge in the number of eco-friendly cars such as electric cars and hydrogen cars. There were also various auxiliary events such as Korea Automotive Manufacturing Expo and Camping Car Show, which showcased new trends within the automobile-related industries and demonstrated their increasing competitiveness. We visit Busan International Motor Show 2018 and get a glimpse of the future of the automobile industry.

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