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Money Monster

Episode 33 [ 3D scanning / Refurbished products / sleeponomics ]

World Ch. Schedule : THU 06:30 KST

Date : 2019-01-17

Money Monster Episode 33
3D scanning, core of the customization service
3D scanning technology has been applied to diversified areas including manufacturing and construction, which are difficult for human to measure manually. And it has become possible to measure the body more accurately along with the continuing development of the technology market. The 3D scanning technology has achieved remarkable growth by affecting a broad range of industrial areas including manufacturing, construction and medicine. Along with the growing demand from consumers for unique and customized products, a growing number of companies have developed and provided customization services by using 3D scanning technologies. A shoe recommendation service is one of the examples that has applied a 3D scanning technology. In the past, consumers had to wear shoes before they purchase the products, but now, they can purchase shoes based on the analyzed data. A service that provides customized glasses based on the 3D scanning technology has recently been introduced. Glasses used to have a single size despite various kinds of shapes and sizes of people's faces. However, people can have their own unique glasses, escaping from the existing popular designs. So the service has gained a lot of popularity among consumers. A variety of 3D scanning technologies have been developed to improve accuracy and convenience. We introduce the application of 3D scanning technologies to the service sector as well as the development of various customization services.
Refurbished products for reasonable consumption
Along with the growing number of consumers who prefer reasonable consumption, refurbished products have emerged as a popular trend. The market for refurbished products, which provides returned or depreciated goods, has achieved rapid growth despite the economic downturn. Refurbished products are the ones that have been tested to ensure they're in good working order, and they are provided at about 30% lower price. So they have gained a lot of popularity. Misshapen agricultural products, which have the same nutritious value, but ugly looks, have been distributed. And it has contributed to creating additional benefits for farmers and vendors. Moreover, a service which enables consumers to purchase the extra food left at a restaurant at a low price, has been newly introduced. They can purchase the food made with the remaining ingredients at a cheaper price by using an application that connects consumers and restaurant owners. We explore the rise of the refurbished products market, which has led the reasonable consumption culture.
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Growth of sleeponomics as a 2 billion dollar market
The growing number of people have been suffering from lack of sleep. And a lot of items that can help people have a sound sleep have been developed. Also, it has led to the birth of a new term, "sleeponomics." The growing number of companies have developed various items including beds and pillows that can improve the sleeping environment. A service which provides a customized mattress by carrying out a genetic test, has been newly introduced. Also, a pillow has been developed based on the technology that uses zero gravity. And it has especially become popular among consumers who suffer from the pain caused by incorrect postures like forward head posture. Moreover, a smartphone application which is connected with the items based on the IoT technology can analyze the sleeping habit of a user and suggest a solution for deep sleep. There is a company that has penetrated the medical sector for consumers who suffer from heavy snoring and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can develop complications when it is overlooked, so the company has developed an anti-snoring device to prevent possible risks. Along with the stronger desire of people to have restful sleep, a variety of items that can help people sleep well have garnered a lot of attention. We look into the ongoing development of technologies which can help people get restful sleep as well as the continuous expansion of the market.