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Ep.04 Gangwon-do Province Yangyang & Sokcho (Part.2)

World Ch. Schedule : MON 10:30 KST

Date : 2018-05-21

MysteryTravelers Episode 4
Gangwon-do Province Yangyang & Sokcho part.2

Last week,
The Mystery Travelers embarked on the 3 spring trips of 3 colors in Gangwon-do Province's Yangyang.
Today, it is the group trip in Gangwon-do's representative tourist city 'Sokcho'!

The 3 travelers pulled the boat themselves and arrived at a village.
What is the heart-wrenching history behind this village, as well as Sherry's unforgettable first experience?

The special mukbang at the large market hectically begins!
With the course menu that is fit for a restaurant in front of his face,
why was Alex left alone?

On top of the steep rugged cliff at an altitude of 800m,
why did the yoga expert Lara catch people's attention?

Catch the end of the dynamic Gangwon-do Province trip in search of spring~
Monday, May 21st 10:30AM (KST) on Arirang TV! Don't miss out!