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Ep.14 Jeju Island (Part3)

World Ch. Schedule : MON 11:00 KST

Date : 2018-07-30

MysteryTravelers Episode 14
Jeju Island Part.3

The Jeju Island trip which is coming towards its end. The final story.
The anticipated free travel that began with special Host Lara’s suggestion!

Sherry finally went to the pure ocean of Jeju which she had been longing for.
What is the result of the clumsy fishing on the boat that was filled with despair and delight?

The fantastic water activity while taking in the nature of Jeju was the perfect plan, but Alex faces the halt of his trip due to the blowing up storm. Will Alex be ok?

The relaxed beach walk and the healing time with the Jeju food~ is not enough for Lara. Why did she end up rolling down a slope while being splashed with cold water?

And...the sad goodbye awaits the end of the fun trip.
The touching last party at the picturesque garden filled with beautiful flowers~
A surprise present from the staff, and finally revealing the identity of the Mystery Host?!

Monday, July 30th 10:30AM (KST) on Arirang TV! Don’t miss out on the grand finale!

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