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Tour vs Tour (Season 3)
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- Jeon Haeng-jin
- Hwang ung-ki
- Kim jeong-soo
- Kim seon-suk
- Ban Yu-rim
- Shin Hyun-seung
- Cho Hea-ryoung
- Jeon Joo-yeon
- Lee Hye-jin
- Han Ba-da
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- Kim Jiah
- Gu In-hee
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- Vitamin TV
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Tour vs Tour (Season 3)

What's on This Episode

Past Program

Date : 2018-01-04

Episode 14. Jeju, Place of Relaxation Blessed with Beautiful Scenery of Mother Nature
◆ Team Masters' Itinerary
Nik and Coco off to find new sides of Jeju
Nik and Coco, the two MCs of TOUR VS TOUR, join forces as Team Masters and travel to Jeju, Korea's popular vacation spot. The two MCs, hitting it offto showcase new sides of Jeju, go to Hamdeok Beach. At Hamdeok Beach, which is known to draw the biggest crowd in Jeju, the two fully enjoy the emerald sea.
After that, Team Masters visits Jeju's green tea field, which is gaining popularity with unique activities offered there.
The team zooms down on the zipline that flies through the sky over the vast expanse of the green tea field, and tastes desserts made with green tea.
Meanwhile, the team finds out that Jeju is known for its tangerines through SNS postings. Team Masters experiences Korea's first spa powered by tangerine enzymes, and also tries making various desserts with tangerines.
To wrap up, the team tastes Jeju's black pork, a signature local food.
◆ Team Rookies' Itinerary
Cheezy and Ariane off to see Jeju's well-known attractions
Cheezy and Ariane, panelists on TOUR VS TOUR, join forces as Team Rookies and travel to Jeju. Team Rookies goes to the east coast of Jeju, a well-known attraction.
Team Rookies races along the coastal road on the east coast, which is known for its clearer and cleaner water compared to the other areas in Jeju, on a special bike, and enjoys the emerald sea of Jeju. Afterwards, Team Rookies tastes desserts made with carrots from Gujwa, a nationally acclaimed signature local produce in Jeju.
Next, Team Rookies goes to Korea's first maze park to escape the maze, and also tries making DIY natural cosmetics using ingredients from Jeju's pristine nature.
To wrap up, Team Rookies tastes the flavor of Jeju's ocean through tonggalchi jorim (a whole stewed beltfish) made with beltfish, Jeju's signature catch.
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◆ Team Masters

1. Hamdeok Beach
2. Green Tea Field
3. Tangerine Experience
4. Black Pork

◆ Team Rookies

1. Tour of Jeju's East Coast
2. Gimnyeong Maze Park
3. DIY Natural Cosmetics Made in Jeju
4. Tonggalchi Jorim (Whole Stewed Beltfish)