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Tour vs Tour (Season 3)
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Tour vs Tour (Season 3)

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : THU 08:05 KST

Date : 2017-10-19

Episode 3. Gwangju : City of Culture and Art
◆Trip by Team Masters

Team Masters resorts to SNS, and goes to the observatory at Sajik Park, enjoying the magnificent view Gwangju has to offer.
Then the team visits Yangnimdong Culture Village, an art village rising as a hot spot on SNS, and appreciates unique artworks at the village.
The team also experiences the Korean traditional beauty on the Hanbok Street, Gwangju’s attraction. The team wraps up the itinerary by tasting Gwangju’s borigulbi (barley-dried yellow corvina).

◆Trip by Team Rookies

Team Rookies goes to Gwangju using a travel map. The team visits Jeungsimsa Temple at Mudeugnsan Mountain, one of the most famous spots in Gwangju, and fully recharges itself on a temple stay. Then the team goes on a tour of Daein Market, a traditional market where the art is alive and well.
Meanwhile, the team learns from the travel map that Gwangju is famous for its kimchi.
At Gwangju Kimchi Town, Team Rookies has a chance to make and taste its own kimchi.
The team wraps up the itinerary by enjoying yukjeon (batter-fried beef), a traditional dish from Gwangju.

◆Team Masters

1. Sajik Park
2. Yangnimdong Culture Village and Penguin Village
3. Gwangju Hanbok Street
4. Borigulbi (barley-dried yellow corvina)

◆Team Rookies

1. Jeungsimsa Temple at Mudeungsan Mountain
2. Daein Market
3. Gwangju Kimchi Town
4. Yukjeon