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Intelligence-High School Debate

Intelligence-High School Debate EP.08

World Ch. Schedule : MON 08:05 KST

Date : 2017-07-24

Intelligence-High School Debate EP.07

This House would legalize voluntary euthanasia

Voluntary euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a life in a painless manner. It can quickly and humanely end a patient's suffering and terminal pain, allowing them to die with dignity.
However, some claim that euthanasia and assisted suicide leads to suicide contagion, which is a rejection of the importance and value of human life. Will voluntary euthanasia allow individuals to die with dignity, or will it be just mercy killing?

On the eighth episode of "Intelligence – High School Debate,"
students from Dongtan High School, Sehwa High School, Anyang Foreign Language High School and GyeonggiBuk Science High School debate over the motion
"This House would ban the play of AR games in public places."

So, which two teams will make it into the semifinals this week?

[This week's contestants]
Professor Joshua Park
- Assistant Professor and Director of Debate and Negotiation Program at the SolBridge International School of Business
- Member of the Executive Committee, World Convener, Chief Adjudicator's Panel, Adjudicator and Coach of the World Schools Debating Championships
- Juris Doctor, Harvard Law School
- Author of "Global Leadership: Debating is the Answer" and "Debating Grand Final"
Professor Kang Yong-sung
- Professor of Law at Yonsei University Law School
- Assistant Professor of Law at University of Washington School of Law
- Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School
- BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University
- Member of American Bar Association
- Advisory Board of Korean American Bar Association
Professor Jan Vincent Galas
-Professor at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, Korea
- Debate Coach at Chung-Ang University
- Curriculum Director of the Asian Debate Institute, Seoul, Korea
- Chief Adjudicator of the Maekyung Youth Economy English Debate Tournament
- Grand Finalist of the KIDA Open, Korea University
shinhan PONEY