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Prosumer LAB 101

Prosumer LAB 101 EP.20 - Smart Desk with Height Adjustments

Past Program

Date : 2017-09-05

Prosumer LAB 101 EP.20
Smart Desk with Height Adjustments

Red flags on the health of office workers around the world! The culprit is "posture!" If you work sitting with a bad posture for a long time, the strain goes directly to your wrists, lower back, neck, etc. That's what brought about this desk, which you can raise or lower when you work sitting down or standing up. Its upper and lower tiers move independently so you can adjust the height to the optimal level, and it also sends you alerts at set intervals so you know when to stretch and change postures. This week on Prosumer LAB 101 we present a friendly height-adjustable desk that will create a healthy work environment for you.

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