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I'm Live

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 11:05 KST

Date : 2017-09-15

I'm LIVE Ep.25 Kiha and the Faces

Musician Introduction & I'm LIVE Epsode

Joining us on this week of I'm Live is Kiha and the Faces! Known for their electric and undeniably fun genre blend combined with Jang Ki-ha's trademark, complex tapestry of spirited accents and articulations, onomatopoeias, and sassy inflections, this band has been maintaining their reputation as a legendary icon of the Korean indie scene since their debut.

On this episode, Kiha and the Faces performs some of their all-time greatest hits, such as "The Moon is Waxing," and "A Sort of Relationship," as well as songs from their 4th studio album, "Who's Good At their Own Love?" including "LOL," "The Smell's Gone" and "You Shouldn't Have Done That." Tune into 1'm Live and let the band amaze your soul with their impressive, seasoned musicality!

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