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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 06:30 KST

Date : 2018-03-16

BizSmart - Episode 51
Konimax, producing bedding vacuum cleaner
An increasing number of consumers have shown great interest in the contamination of bedding these days. And Konimax is a company that has developed bedding vacuum cleaner which can remove fine dust and dust mites in bedding. By implementing a HEPA filter system, it can reduce noise and prevent emission of fine dust particles more effectively. Also, development of a dual structure has enabled the filtration of ultra-fine particles which is about 0.3 micrometers. Moreover, the demand is expected to grow along with the growing number of newly married couples with children and households with pets. Therefore, the company has boosted research and development to provide new products with improved functions. We look into Konimax, a company that has achieved continuous growth based on the advanced technologies and improved price competitiveness.
SKINFACTORY, making diversified cosmetic products
SKINFACTORY has specialized in producing safe cosmetic products. It has developed harmless facial masks which contain a lot of innovative ingredients as well as lip tattoo products which are effective for exfoliation and creating natural lip colors by providing nutritional contents. SKINFACTORY has achieved stable production of high quality goods by obtaining a CGMP, or Current Good Manufacturing Practice certification. Also, it has developed diversified types of cosmetic products with sensuous designs that can lead the changing trends in the cosmetic field. We explore SKINFACTORY, a company that has put top priority on producing safe and functional cosmetic goods.
FARMTECH, manufacturing hot packs
FARMTECH is a company that has produced Korean-style hot packs. It has specialized in providing hot packs that can maintain warmth for a long period of time. And the company has developed Korean-style hot packs by continuously promoting research and development. The temperature of hot packs produced by FARMTECH can go up to 70 degrees, which is higher than the imported goods which rise up to 60 degrees. And the temperature can be maintained for more than 14 hours. The company has released different types of hot packs for various uses. Also, it has boosted exports and gained positive reviews from the Asian market. We introduce FARMTECH, which has manufactured competitive hot packs by continuously boosting research and development.