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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-07-21

BizSmart - Episode 17
Doadream, manufacturer of goose down bedding

Doadream manufactures goose down bedding that can help people have a good night's sleep. The company has used high quality goose down from Eastern Europe and implemented advanced production facilities to control the entire manufacturing process. Also, it is the only "GOLD DOWN MARK" certified company in the goose bedding industry in Korea. By developing its unique heat treatment technology instead of using a sewing method, it has minimized the loss of goose down. We introduce Doadream, a company that produces high quality goose down bedding based on its accumulated technical skills.

BizSmart BizSmart
OPUS ONE, the first manufacturer of smart umbrella

OPUS ONE is a company that has developed a bluetooth-based smart umbrella that provides weather information and prevents losing the umbrella. Also, when the distance between a smartphone and an umbrella increases to 10 meters, the alarm rings to prevent the umbrella from losing or being stolen. And the location of the umbrella can be checked through an application. The company has actively advanced into the Chinese market and opened online stores in Sweden and Switzerland. Also, it will open offline stores in the European market. We look into OPUS ONE, a Korean startup company which has developed smart umbrella for the first time in the global market.

BizSmart BizSmart
MUD MAT, providing good sleep for better health

MUD MAT is a manufacturer of mud mat bed, which has dominated the domestic and global bed industry by developing mud mat bed for the first time in the global market. Since it has developed mud mat bed in 1991, the company has continuously developed advanced technologies and put emphasis on satisfying the customer needs. Mud mat bed is made with red clay that has added medical herbs and water boiled with seaweed. Also, it is safe as it has three-layered heat rays which doesn't produce electromagnetic waves. Combining the clay board and heat panel is the company's unique technology that can't be found in other companies. We explore MUD MAT, a company that provides a good night's sleep for better health.

BizSmart BizSmart