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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON 09:00 KST

Date : 2018-12-17

BizSmart (Season 2) - Ep. 11
Runner's High
With the advent of the 4th industrial revolution, the smart healthcare sector is emerging as a promising business. Along with it, the home healthcare industry in which the medical technique and IT technology are combined has been developing at a rapid pace. Among them, one company that has adopted the augmented reality system and unmanned technology is gaining public attention. Now we look into Runner's High, a home healthcare company that has developed cutting edge technologies to help improve consumers' health. With its establishment in 2014, Runner's High has specialized in healthcare solutions for single person. It has originated and provided Korean broadcast dance lessons and self-remedial exercise service hoping consumers live their lives in a more enjoyable and healthy way. The first solution that Runner's High created is Alyce Land. You can learn broadcast dances anywhere, anytime with the solution using only a web cam and PC. Consumers love the solution because it taps into the augmented reality system, so they feel as if they were taught in a virtual place with a coach in the screen. Alyce healthcare solution which is the most recently invented offers a healthcare function that induces customers' participation. Given that most patients fail to do follow-up work outs continuously after getting treatments in hospitals, the company has developed the home rehabilitation exercise solution. And this has taken the lead in the new home healthcare market. Customers get real time coaching feedback via unmanned, automated solution, so the steady exercise is possible even though there is no coach around. It also provides personalized coaching solution considering the patients' reactions, their physical conditions, or the environment, so the treatment effect is quite high. We search into Runner's High, which has exerted itself to devise personalized healthcare products with aggressive research, development and experimental spirits.
The iris recognition technology is considered having one of the most complicated patterns among biometric systems. HONGBOG has interworked the original iris identification technology with A.I. And it has come up with a medical diagnosis service platform that can be utilized in the healthcare industry. Traditional A.I. diagnosis services in the healthcare circles required high-priced equipment and people had to visit certain places to get diagnosed. The platform designed by HONGBOG, however, lets people diagnose diseases with ease by identifying their iris through smart phones and also identify multiple illnesses at the same time. It has been especially praised for its financial efficiency in the healthcare industry, since it can ultimately reduce medical expenses. HONGBOG is going to be introduced in domestic hospitals and provide customized telemedicine service based on data collected from patients' daily lives. The key reason HONGBOG is drawing attention in the related field is that it abides by the international standards of ISO. Due to that fact, the mobile iris recognition software is not only highly accurate on iris recognition information but also interoperable among the nations. A growing number of global enterprises are seeking for HONGBOG's quality products as they left a good impression in the market abroad. We take a look at HONGBOG, which is striving to pioneer a new market in the healthcare sector with its iris recognition technology.
In recent days, cooking is one of the most popular topics in all kinds of contents on TV or social media. A number of people share their recipes and enjoy cooking with those shared recipes via the internet. In the meantime, Cookplay is at the center of attention for developing the IoT recipe share platform. As the company name suggests, Cookplay wishes to provide a service that makes people who cook jolly. Cookplay consists of an electronic scale and the mobile application, which are connected via IoT technology. Users can upload a variety of recipes including desserts, Italian cuisine and Korean food and they can also view others' recipes. But simply knowing the recipe doesn't make it easy to emulate the exact taste of food. Therefore, Cookplay has devised a smart scale to help people cook tasty food only with the recipe. During cooking, users are provided with useful information as the amount of ingredients needed or the exact time for cooking. Futhermore, the service tells the users the calories measured in accord with the quantity of each food material. It lets the users know the appropriate amount for the each ingredient, making it easier to follow the recipe. In this process, the amount for minor ingredients are automatically measured in accordance with the amount of main ingredients. So people may feel very convenient to cook. We report on Cookplay that has devoted itself to offering better, and easier cooking service for customers.