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Past Program

Date : 2019-02-18

BizSmart (Season 2) - Ep. 20

As the public attention on the safety issue increases day by day, a growing number of self-defense gadgets for women are appearing. 247KOREA has developed an innovative product that has linked a taser gun with a smart phone case which people carry all the time. The smart phone case for self-defense generates less than 30,000 volts. And the company has applied the IoT technique to it, so the firm's application is automatically connected at the moment consumers start to use the case. In addition, the real time location data of a user and video footage of crime is automatically sent to the phone number set ahead of time. The product has not only high practicability but also a simple design unlike the existing self-defense gadgets which look quite rough and unsophisticated. Thanks to it, more and more customers are captivated by the product. Lately, 247KOREA has invented a small taser that is linked to its application. The product provides self-defensive functions and it can also be utilized as the second battery on regular days. We meet 247KOREA, a corporation that works hard on developing new items for the safety of customers with differentiated ideas.


Our lives have become more convenient day by day with new technologies. There are IoT technologies ranging from a non-touch smart thermometer to home appliances measuring the air condition, to a cell phone detecting human motion. A variety of sensors that have been greatly improved enables these kinds of techniques. A domestic firm TEMPUS creates various special sensors based on an infrared sensor. Especially, it has invented a micro-thermopile sensor that comes in an unbelievably small size and cheap price with its own technical skills. This sensor detects a wider range of wavelength and has 5 times higher sensitivity than its rival goods. The firm is generating thermosensors, gas sensors, and under display sensors based on a micro thermopile sensor. It is selling a non-touch thermosensor that enables people to measure the temperature even though a human body or a material is not touched to the sensor. The company is also making a gas sensor that detects the CO2 level and providing it to many corporations. It is currently studying on the technology of getting a proximity sensor under the display from the top to make a wider display. We look into TEMPUS, a firm that develops special sensors in order to materialize technical skills that can be utilized conveniently in daily living.


BEECHEON has invented a radio solution that is a fixed-mobile convergence gear which enables flexible communications in varied situations. Swift communication is the most important element in keeping golden time for the professions that deal with emergency situations. BEECHEON has made a broad scope of devices in order for users to cope with such circumstances. The gears of BEECHEON do not use the wavelength, so they don't require additional authentication regarding the use of the wavelength when the firm exports and imports the products. The equipment only makes use of the voice data of the radio and it has nothing to do with the frequency. So the products are able to clear customs without burdens when exported. Another notable feature is that the equipment is compatible with all kinds of other radios. It is also compatible with wire telephones and smart phones, so users are able to utilize it and communicate with others flexibly in a variety of environments. The fixed-mobile convergence gear enables telecommunication utilizing the radio and links the heterogeneous system, functioning effectively in the military. It also connects the radios used in a store at the lower level with other types of radios used in a studio or hotel at the upper level of the building. Therefore, a fast evacuation is possible in the event of a fire.The instruction is convenient as well. When customers apply the related program that is linked to the fixed-mobile convergence equipment, they can control all the functions on a screen and watch a scene anytime through a video clip or a text message on the screen. The technical skills of BEECHEON were highly acknowledged by a number of institutes and they have strengthened the competitiveness of the company in the market. BEECHEON is making a wide range of technologies to help people communicate effectively in a major catastrophe. We take a look at BEECHEON which becomes a global enterprise that protects material and human resources both at home and overseas.