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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : MON 09:00 KST

Date : 2018-10-15

BizSmart (Season 2) - Ep. 02

BallReady is a company that has developed a smart pet care product which can connect pets with their owners. Escaping from simply taking care of pets, the company has focused on developing the product which enables the pets and owners to communicate with each other. And it has played a leading role in the pet supplies market. The company developed BallReady, an IoT-based smart pet care product which enables real-time monitoring and has a remote control system. It has increased the convenience of pet owners and gained explosive popularity in the market. Also, by applying a lithium-ion battery which doesn't need power cable that a dog might bite off, it has improved safety and reduced the risk of electrical shock hazard. It has moved into Seoul Start-up Hub in order to create a synergy effect for the development of smart pet care products. We introduce BallReady, a provider of a pet healthcare information platform service which has achieved continuous growth in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

D-Cube Lab

D-Cube Lab is a company that has led the trends by providing advanced digital music service. It has provided entertaining experiences to consumers by developing a digital music platform service. With the aim of providing a global music service in the digital music platform market, which has been dominated by major companies, it has broadened its scope of business by developing a high-quality audio solution, MAF. MAF is a digital music player that includes 24-bit HD tracks and AR music. And it provides a two-way music service to users. The company has offered diversified contents including original tracks for smartphones, tracks from premium albums and tracks from K-POP albums. It has achieved ISO/IEC 23000-12 Interactive music application format, which is an international standard, in order to strengthen the competitiveness. We look into D-Cube Lab, a company that has made inroads into the global market based on the advanced music contents it has developed.


Neurocoms is a company that has successfully developed a device that enables anyone to analyze images easily and rapidly. It has developed a deep learning-based artificial intelligence sensor for image recognition for the first time in the global market. Deep Runner is a device that can recognize the objects from the video and provide information in real time. In the past, GPU, or graphics processing unit or a supercomputer were necessary for the calculation of artificial intelligence algorithms. However, along with the development of a compact sensor for image recognition, it has become possible to use the device more conveniently, regardless of time and place. Neuron Machine architecture, which is a core technology of Deep Runner, is one of the contributing factors that has strengthened the competitiveness of the company. It has also reduced the size of the module as well as power consumption. And a growing number of Asian and European countries have used the company's device as a core part of their products. We report on Neurocoms, a company that has boosted researches to develop cutting-edge technologies for the image recognition device.