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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-12-15

BizSmart - Episode 38
Nara Design, providing exhibition booths

Nara Design is a company that has designed and installed various booth materials for different events including seminars and exhibitions. Emphasizing the main characteristics of the company and its main products is the most significant factor when designing the booths. Therefore, sophisticated works for various elements including lights, spaces and colors are required for exhibition display. Wood Wall, an eco-friendly booth material developed by the company, has used 12 precision parts and implemented six new technologies. It has received positive reviews and has been used for a variety of different exhibition centers like COEX and KINTEX. The company has developed EOS 1, or Exhibition Solution of Smart Signage Version 1, based on the convergence of IoT technologies and it is currently working for the commercialization of the system. We introduce Nara Design, a company that has provided customized exhibition booth designs for the successful hosting of various exhibitions.

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TCM Biosciences, developing in vitro diagnostic devices

TCM Biosciences has specialized in developing in vitro diagnostic medical devices which can precisely check the genomic abnormality or signs of infection by using the materials from human body. Cervical cancer has been the second common cause of death from cancer among women in the world. However, it has more than 90% survival rate in case of early detection. The company has developed a self-sampling kit for the diagnosis of cervical cancer which can increase the rate of early diagnosis and improve the health of women. Also, it has continuously promoted various researches in order to provide a precise result of the diagnosis rapidly. TCM Biosciences has provided improved services through diversified distribution channels including about 300 domestic maternity hospitals and comprehensive medical examination centers. We look into TCM Biosciences, which has achieved rapid growth based on its accumulated experiences and infrastructure in the field of gene diagnosis and analysis service.

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GIANT NETWORK GROUP, a global logistics company

Since its establishment in 2001, GIANT NETWORK GROUP has established more than 30 overseas branches in 8 different countries including the U.S., China and Vietnam, along with the five domestic branches including the ones in Busan and Gwangju. For the first time in the domestic express transportation field, GIANT NETWORK GROUP achieved Authorized Economic Operator Certificate. Also, it has provided improved services to minimize the customs inspection, skip the documents and help customers get a tax exemption. It can contribute to reducing the time and cost for the transportation. We explore GIANT NETWORK GROUP, a company that has provided high quality services to customers by effectively dealing with the rapidly changing logistics environment and customer demands.

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