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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 06:30 KST

Date : 2018-04-20

BizSmart - Episode 56
GRIP POWER TECH, developing golf grip enhancements

GRIP POWER TECH has developed golf grip enhancements, which can help people improve their golf skills. The product can be fit into the handle of a golf club and can be used without gloves. Moreover, by developing a structure that can provide a sense of unity between a golf grip and hands, it can correct the direction of a golf ball more effectively. As the company has provided various types of golf grip enhancements for beginners, experts and professional golfers, it has enjoyed an increasing demand from customers. Also, the company has exchanged information and strengthened cooperation with the Industrial-educational Technology Laboratory located in Incheon Polytechnic College, in order to promote researches in terms of golf grip enhancements. We introduce GRIP POWER TECH, a company that has made ceaseless efforts to develop high quality products and strengthen its global competitiveness.

PROTEM, producing film converting machinery

PROTEM is an engineering company that produces converting machinery for coating, slitting and laminating optical films for display and mobile devices. As a small giant that exports to about 30 countries including Germany, U.S. and China, the company has strengthened its technical competitiveness along with 90 workers and total sales of 50 million dollars. The company's improved technical capabilities have been widely recognized and awarded Jang Young-sil prize in 2012 along with the multi-coating machine it has developed. We meet PROTEM, a company that has put continuous efforts into developing products with ceaseless passion and has gained trust from customers by providing products with customized designs.

Joylife, manufacturing cosmetic products

Joylife is a manufacturer of various skin care products. It has produced cosmetic goods and managed the products based on the ISO 22716 standard. Hyper facial line, which is the products released under the name of its own brand, JUNGNANI, contains peptide, which has emerged as one of the significant ingredients for cosmetics. Peptide can improve the moisturizing ability and promote elasticity of skin. Also, the products contain natural ingredients like green tea and rosemary. The company has gained recognition in the domestic and overseas markets. And it is delivering the products to 25 different countries including Japan, China and Vietnam. We explore Joylife, a company that provides reliable skin care products that can gain trust from customers.