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What's on This Episode

Past Program

Date : 2018-05-04

BizSmart - Episode 57
inuri, contributing to the growth of children

inuri is a company that has made great contributions to the health of children. It has produced functional products for children's health and established 37 inuri Medical Groups throughout the country. It has focused on preventing various diseases and strengthening the level of children's immunity. inuri has provided different programs according to different seasons and growth phases. A Korean medical clinic operated by inuri analyzes the speed of growth and development of children and provides treatment measures that can improve the overall health conditions. We introduce inuri, a company which plays a significant role for the health of children, as well as people all over the world.

Trunas, making freeze-dried food

Trunas is a company that provides freeze-dried food made with fruits and vegetables. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has implemented cutting-edge freeze-drying methods that can improve the safety and the productivity of the products. It has captivated the tastes of consumers and provided the goods to department stores, duty-free shops, big supermarkets and online shopping malls. Based on the accumulated technologies, the company has developed a natural seasoning which is made of 16 different freeze-dried materials. As it keeps the original taste and nutritional components of the base materials, it has gained a lot of popularity from consumers. As part of an effort to cope with the rapidly growing freeze-dried food market, the company has made a lot of attempts to find a new growth engine. We look into Trunas, a company that has put top priority on providing healthy products with fresh ingredients.

nineware, manufacturing kitchen supplies

nineware is a company that has developed practical kitchen appliances with sophisticated designs. The company has taken a leading role in the field of kitchen appliances by applying creative ideas and using plastic materials that are harmless to the human body. Volume Dish Rack, which is one of the main items developed by the company has a sophisticated streamlined design and an automated drainage design which prevents water from being collected. Also, the company has achieved 44 intellectual property rights including design rights and registration of trademarks and utility models. Moreover, it has boosted exports to Japan, China, Taiwan and the American region. We explore nineware, a company that has developed kitchenware with trendy designs that can improve the conveniences of consumers.