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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : THU 06:30 KST

Date : 2018-04-26

InsideBiz Episode 57
Ongoing development of domestic laser industry

Laser has received the limelight as a newly converged industry that can lead the fourth industrial revolution. It has broadened its scope into diversified fields and strengthened its position in the global market. The global medical laser equipment market has achieved an average annual growth rate of more than 15%. And a domestic company has introduced an advanced laser technology of their own to the global market. It is a low-power laser which enables less sensitive and less irritating treatment for skin. The technology can be used for hair loss treatment as well. Aside from low-power laser which has been actively used in the medical field, high-power laser has been used for the craft industry which requires sophisticated works. It is more economical as it doesn’t require additional tools. On Smart Korea, we introduce the ongoing development of laser technologies which have been widely applied to different areas including art performances and promotional activities.

Rise of biometrics in information security sector

Growing number of domestic companies have introduced biometric methods. Along with the abolishment of the obligatory use of certificates by the Financial Services Commission, various industries related to safe authentication methods have achieved significant growth. It has led to the development of a variety of advanced biometric technologies which used to be seen in the movies. Along with the arrival of the era of digital finance, the domestic financial sector has implemented advanced biometric authentication services which include measurement of iris or veins. Also, the government organization has introduced a face recognition system for self-authentication along with the existing access control system which use the IC card. On Smart Korea, we look into diversified biometrics technologies which is expected to achieve further development in the near future.

Electric vehicles, expanding new business opportunities

Along with the rise of environmental issues like fine dust, a lot of consumers have shown a lot of interest in electric vehicles and it has led to the growth of the market. Unlike diesel or gasoline-fueled cars, electric vehicles use electricity as a main source of power, so it doesn’t generate exhaust fumes or noises. And it has been recognized as a vehicle for the future generation. An event was held to introduce the latest trends and information on electric vehicles. A lot of renowned electric vehicles released by domestic and overseas automobile brands have been introduced at the exhibition site. Compact electric cars, which have emerged as a new concept of vehicle, have also been introduced. And an event that enables visitors to have a trial ride, also attracted a lot of consumers. A variety of technologies related to the charging equipment of electric vehicles, have been developed. A new platform, which enables people to share the charger, was introduced and it has suggested a new business model. On Biz Issue, we explore the rise of eco-friendly electric vehicles which has gained recognition as a future growth engine.