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What's on This Episode

Past Program

Date : 2018-05-31

InsideBiz Episode 62
IPresidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The upcoming industrial revolution is expected to bring about innovative changes to economy and society along with the development of cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, IoT, big data and mobile. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT and big data have been combined with the existing industries and services. And it has led to the improved connection between products and services. Hyperconnectivity and superintelligence can be realized in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, and it can have a greater impact on the scope and velocity of the industries. Therefore, more sophisticated and active measures are necessary for the society to cope with the ongoing changes. We hear more about the plans and strategies for the future from the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Smart furniture, bringing changes in people's lives

"Smart furniture" has recently grabbed a lot of attention, along with the implementation of cutting-edge IT skills and digital technologies. It has improved the conveniences of users by adopting advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT. A service that can provide interior designs by making use of VR technologies has been newly developed. Customers can check whether the furniture they chose will fit into their houses and go well with the overall atmosphere. And they can get information on other items that match well with the furniture. The service enables consumers to simulate the arrangement of furniture before they actually purchase the products. Moreover, an artificial intelligence-based speaker is connected to a bed and users can adjust the angles based on the advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT and augmented reality. Also, by implementing the IoT technologies to a smart chair, the sitting hours and postures as well as the overall health conditions of a user can be measured. We look into the furniture industry which has brought about innovative changes to people's lives by strengthening its position in a variety of industrial sectors.

Lumir, developing LED lamps used without electricity

A growing number of social venture businesses have contributed to solving a lot of social issues by developing innovative products. Lumir has received a lot of attention in the global market by developing LED lamps that can be used without electricity. The company has commercialized the products in developing countries that lack electricity. By transforming unstable thermal energy into stable LED light, it provides the maximized brightness with the minimum amount of energy. As Lumir K, a product manufactured for developing countries emits 12 times brighter light than the existing kerosene lamps, it can reduce the fuel cost more effectively. Also, it is possible to create a sophisticated interior design as the product can be harmonized well with the surrounding atmosphere. Moreover, it has gained a lot of popularity among consumers who enjoy outdoor activities as well as advanced countries. We introduce Lumir, a company that has continuously made utmost efforts to achieve further growth as one of the major social venture businesses in Asia.