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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : THU 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-10-19

InsideBiz Episode 30
Smart farming, a blue ocean for future agriculture

It has emerged as a promising industry for the future agricultural sector, as it has combined robots with advanced IT skills. Smart farming refers to the application of advanced technologies related to various smart devices into agriculture, and it can contribute to reducing the labor force and boosting production. Farmers can provide necessary elements for the crops by receiving information through chips. And a 3D camera can analyze the colors and sizes of strawberries when harvesting them. Also, ICT-based hydroponic cultivator which can grow crops without soil or sunlight, has gained popularity among a lot of houses and restaurants. On Smart Korea, we look into smart farming system, a cutting-edge agricultural technology for the future.

InsideBiz InsideBiz
Flagship store, improving the brand image

Flagship store refers to the main store established by a company in order to better publicize its brand and products. And it has grabbed a lot of attention these days. The main focus of the consumption trend has been shifted from the goods to the brands. It has led to the expansion of flagship stores in the global market during the end of the 1990s. Antenna shop, which is a store that provides prototype goods to test the reaction of the customers, has been the start of flagship stores. Companies should first analyze the consumer preferences and the market trends before opening a store. And flagship stores have gained a lot of popularity as they can make great contributions to the opening of the stores. It has provided various programs that can experience the brand itself by using visual elements, as well as senses of touch and smell. On Trend and Issue, we introduce the development and impact of flagship stores which have emerged as a critical factor for the companies amid the strengthened competition.

InsideBiz InsideBiz
Diversified designs of camping supplies

The number of campers has reached five million. Along with the growing number of campers, people have shown a lot of interest in camping supplies. In the past, people tend to prefer expensive camping equipment, but these days, an increasing number of people have wanted unique and simple camping goods with reasonable prices. The camping culture has faced significant changes and it has been diversified in many different forms, including auto-camping and minimal camping. Also, there are people who want to purchase the used camping supplies and manufacturers have developed unique camping equipment that can reflect the diversified camping trends. On Design Biz, we explore diversified designs of camping supplies and the outlook for the camping market.

InsideBiz InsideBiz