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What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : TUE 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-07-20

InsideBiz Episode 17
Arrival of the paperless era

Various types of papers we use in daily life have been replaced into electronic documents. Digitalization of papers can increase work efficiency and reduce costs. Electronic document system has been spread a lot especially in the field of finance, including electronic insurance contracts, customer management in distribution sector and electronic receipts. The size of the market has continuously grown and companies that provide electronic document system have also galvanized efforts for the further development. On Smart Korea, we report on the outlook for the paperless era.

InsideBiz InsideBiz
"Modisumer," emerging as a new consumption trend

Along with an increasing number of consumers who look for customized products for their own tastes, "modisumer" has risen as a new consumption trend in various fields including food, beauty and living. "Modisumer" is a compound word of modify and consumer and it is a new term that refers to consumers who do not necessarily follow given instructions but rather develop their own creative recipes.

Various kinds of recipes have been created with different items from convenience stores and related businesses have focused on providing a variety of products that have targeted "modisumers." In the field of cosmetics, consumers use cosmetic items in completely different ways from the original purposes. Air cushion, which has been used to cover up the blemishes, has turned into a blusher and body pearl powder when mixed with eye shadow. MARPPLE, a fashion company, has provided tools for consumers to create customized clothing according to their different tastes. On Trend and Issue, we look into the rise of "modisumer" which can maximize the strengths of various goods based on the different tastes of consumers.

InsideBiz InsideBiz
Rise of plus size fashion industry

Along with the rise of over fit style as a new fashion trend, the plus size fashion has brought about significant changes to the clothing market. The body shape of Koreans have gone through changes since the 60s, as the average height and body weight of people have increased. Therefore, plus size fashion has recently risen as a new trend in the clothing market. Along with an increasing demand for plus size clothing, the number of plus size models in the domestic market has also increased a lot and related magazines have garnered a lot of attention as well. On Design Biz, we explore diversified types of clothing in the plus size fashion industry and the outlook for the market.

InsideBiz InsideBiz