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Shaping the Economy
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- Jeon Haeng-Jin
- Lee Kyu-Yun
- Byon Young-Kyoon
- Lee Eun-Ji
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- Kim Ji-ah
- Gu In-hee

Shaping the Economy

Shaping the Economy EP.07 One-Man Creators, the Media Big Bang

World Ch. Schedule : WED 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-07-05

Shaping the economy
Episode 07 One-Man Creators, the Media Big Bang

Now is the golden age of one-man media! As one-man broadcasters became popular, businesses that distribute their produced contents and manage their schedules appeared. These are MCN(MultiChannel Networks)s. As cases in America where MCNs first started, we visit the local filming of 'AwesomenessTV' and attend the online video conference 'VidCon' in Anaheim, California to predict the future of MCN businesses and the digital media market that create jobs, yield profits and also contribute to national economy.

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