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The 3S

Ep.16 Music to Me

Past Program

Date : 2017-07-11

Ep.16 Music to Me
Music - The Link Between You & I

Music has its own powers.
It transcends languages, brings people together and makes them go wild.
To some it is a source of consolation, while to others it is a dream itself.
The three MCs get together for the final episode of The Threes.
Join them on the beautiful journey called music.

Hip-hop – Self-expression

Meet Part Time Cooks, two rappers from the U.S. and South Africa who love Korea. Through hip-hop, they interact with their fans all over the world and introduce their countries to others. See for yourself the power of music to bring people of different cultures together. Meanwhile, a hip-hop concert is in full swing in Seoul. What does hip-hop mean to these rappers? What does life mean to them?

Haegeum - An instrument that conveys human emotions

Haegeum is an instrument that most closely resembles the human voice. Meet Lee Seung-hee, a haegeum player. Listening to her play inside a beautiful hanok in Bukchon Village will open your ears to the myriad human emotions that the instrument's melodies carry. Discover the art of gukak, traditional music that is loved across generations.

Time to travel in Africa - Hareem's Africa Overland

Hareem's Africa Overland, which will take you straight to the vast continent, plays songs and music that Hareem used to play and sing while traveling in Africa himself. Having started off as a small fundraising event to send a guitar to a child he had met while traveling, the concert now draws in a large crowd of music fans and participants of the charity drive. Let's see how these musicians enjoy music their way.

Jazz - Fun and far from stereotypical

Join jazz musician Park Jin-kyu and his fellow artists on Blues & Jazz Jam Day. The concert hall is cozy and filled with a warm laughter, breaking the stereotype that jazz and blues are melancholy genres. What are the charms of jazz? Ariane, our MC, stands on stage with her childhood dream of becoming a singer still beating inside her. Sit back and enjoy what blues and jazz have to offer.

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