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- JIN Hong-seok
- MOON Jun-sang
- YOON Chea-wan
- JIN Young-ki
- KIM Kyung-hoon
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- BAE Geun-ju
- LEE Jung-hee
- KIM Min-ah
- LEE Jin-young
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- YOON Yoo-jin
- KIM Seaung-uk
- KIM Han-gyul


Ep.14 Korea at Your Fingertips

Past Program

Date : 2016-12-29

Ep.14 Korea at Your Fingertips

Every day, Seoul is like a new city. It's a metropolis of new people, new culture and new technologies that change constantly amid a deluge of information. We take a look at the massive amounts of information received by Seoulites on a subconscious level and their reaction to it as they wake up in the morning, use public transport, communicate on social media, have meals, hang out with their friends, go shopping and enjoy cultural activities.

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