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Ep.13 Project-K : ICT Meets Culture

Past Program

Date : 2017-01-31

Ep.13 ICT Meets Culture

ICT is undergoing rapid changes.

Going beyond the field of science, it's seeping into the realms of culture and art and creating a new contents market. Considering this market to be a growth engine for the future, the government has stepped forward to foster contents that are based on ICT-culture convergence, which refers to combining traditional performances, art, game, history, and other elements of culture with new information and communications technologies such as VR, AR, and holograms.
This week, PROJECT-K will introduce the viewers to ICT-culture convergence contents that are in the spotlight in the cultural sector, and take a look at the relevant technologies and the potential they hold as the future growth engine. We visit the developer of "Seokguram VR Exhibit," the cultural contents company that developed the world's first multi-projection system ScreenX, and a venture company that is leading the efforts to promote hologram performances.

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