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- Hwang Ung-ki
- Kim Kyeong-il
- Hwang Tae-un
- Jeon Ok-bae
- Kim Dong-hwan
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- Nam Ji-yun
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Ep.13 A Warm Gaze on Korean Places, Forest Ian Etsler

Past Program

Date : 2017-01-19

[Episode 13]A Warm Gaze on Korean Places, Forest Ian Etsler
The man who has played Chaplin on the K-PHILE series remove his makeup.
The naive look on his face disappears and in an instant, he becomes serious.
He is Forest Ian Etsler, the man who has made movies set in Korean sceneries ever since he came to Korea 10 years ago. One day he wants to capture Mangwon Market in his film. It is a place full of Korean cultural contents. From twisted gas lines and window railings to pots on old rooftops, all the spaces in Seoul that Forest sees preserve the city’s past. In particular, Hwanghak-dong Traditional Market shows the slum that it once was and how it has flourished after economic growth. Forest recently submitted a short film in the Seoul Independent Film Festival and is now working on connecting his hometown Indiana with Korea. Let’s meet Forest and listen to his stories on the last episode of K-PHILE.
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