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Foreign Correspondents

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : TUE 07:35 KST

Date : 2017-12-12

The rise of K-pop: The Bulletproof Boy Scout (BTS) sensation

Recently, the K-pop fever in the U.S. has been heating up. At the center of it all, is a 7-member boy band called the 'Bulletproof Boy Scouts', also known as BTS. On November 19, after receiving an official invitation, BTS performed at the American Music Awards, one of the most prestigious awards show in the U.S.. During their U.S. visit, they made their presence known, by appearing in several famous American talk shows. Their track made its way onto major music charts in the U.S., the U.K and Germany. With foreign journalists showing interest in the dazzling performance of BTS... the BTS sensation is showcasing the power of K-pop.

From movies to TV shows, the K-culture era dawns

There has always been cultural phenomena that defined a certain era, such as the Nouvelle Vague of France, the British Invasion, and the golden age of Hong Kong action films in the 1980s. However, all of those cultural phenomena were only popular in a limited region. On the other hand, the 'K-culture' craze, which is considered to be the 'third generation of Hallyu', is more wide-reaching cultural phenomenon. The interest in Korean dramas and movies have spread to many different parts of the world, as countries outside of Asia have remade Korean films and dramas. Not only that, but Korean TV show formats have also been exported. This week, the panels will discuss how K-culture, has captivated the world audience.

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