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Tour vs Tour (Season 2)
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Tour vs Tour (Season 2)

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Date : 2017-02-15

Episode 8. Danyang, Known for Its Heavenly Nature

The suitcase team travels to a remote village where the authentic sights of Danyang are preserved. The best activities the city has to offer are experiencing the public laundry site and riding on a raft. The duo takes a stroll along a moss-covered path where people supposedly fall in love when they walk on it. They also sample Danyang’s delicious speciality, spicy mandarin fish soup.

Menawhile, the backpack team visits the parts of Danyang seen in TV shows They tour the Ondal Tourist Park, a sought-after filming location for historical dramas, and Saehan Bookstore, an old used bookstore in a forest that had appeared in a movie. The pair visits Danyang’s major attraction, Dodamsambong, where scenery and river become one, and wraps up their Danyang tour with a garlic meal pleasing to the eyes and palates.