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Quiz Whiz Junior
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- Yoon Hye-young
- Kim Hyun-young
- Lee Hyun-ah
- Shin Young-ran
- Hong Joo-yeon
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- Kim Da-hee
- Cho So-hyun
- Ku Mee-ra
- Lee Jong-mi
- Lee Seul-ki
- Jeong Soo-jin
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- Lee Na-ri
- Philippe Cho
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Quiz Whiz Junior

What's on This Episode

Past Program

Date : 2016-12-26

Ep. 22

When general knowledge meets English! Enough with boring English!
"Quiz Whiz Junior," the English quiz variety show where learning becomes fun!
Only the most passionate and dedicated elementary students have gathered for this unique contest!
Who shall become our quiz champions this week? Shall we find out?

[This week's contestants]
"Don't ask! We simply are the favorites!" - WHY
Dolma Elementary prides itself with more than 80 years of history and tradition! In honor of their school, this team is determined to solve all questions with dignity, wisdom and flair... In the end, will they be able to do their school proud, by bringing back the trophy?

"Let us fight in the quiz battle, and emerge as glorious victors!" - Gladiators
Make way for the unbeatable, indomitable team from Yongin Hanbit Elementary! These gladiators stand strong and ready for the fight ahead! Will they overcome all opponents and claim ultimate glory?

"Absolutely Brilliant CCA!"- ABC
The Central Christian Academy claims to have handpicked their very best students to make a fearsome avengers team! Their English skills are said to be beyond doubt, and to top it, their team chemistry is not to be underestimated either! Confident in their abilities and flair, this team has come with clear purpose: the ultimate crown!

"We will fly high together!- Phoenix
We shall never give up! Just like the soaring phoenix, this lineup from Seoul Jungpyong Elementary will fight to the end and even beyond! Coming into the contest in high spirits, they want to enjoy the experience and go back home with happy memories! Will the immortal bird they named themselves after guide them on the wings of victory?