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K-Culture Elite

Ep.5 B-boying

Past Program

Date : 2017-02-16

Ep.5 B-boying

Street group performances have been an integral part of Korean culture for centuries. Whenever there was a village event, samullori or mask dances were staged for all to see and to build solidarity. It seems Koreans have traditionally had rhythm in their blood. Now in the 21st century, Korean b-boys are recognized around the world, and b-boying is an important part of Korean culture. Korean b-boys are good at creating new moves by adding creative elements to existing ones. They are also appreciated for their powerful and ingenious techniques. This week, 2 highly talented b-boys and 1 b-girl in Korea are taking on the elite dance challenge. Who will be named the winner?

[This week's contestants]

Jeric Quilza (United States)
Jeric is a b-boy from the United States, the birthplace of b-boying. The jaw-dropping performances of Korean b-boys brought Jeric all the way to Korea, and he is renowned for his freezes perfectly synchronized to the beat!

Laurent Lille (France)
Laurent is a b-boy from France known for his spectacular footwork and acrobatics skills.

Rachel Chiu (Singapore)
Rachel is the only female contestant of this edition. Known for her excellent floorwork and six-steps, she has a great passion for dance.

[Professional Judges]

Lee Seung-min
Lee Seung-min is the leader of the Korean b-boying team BREAK WIDE. He's showcasing the excellent capabilities of Korean b-boys to the whole world through many international hip hop competitions.

Lee Sang-joo
Lee Sang-joo is the leader of the gugak b-boying team S-Flava. Combining gugak, Korean traditional music, with b-boying, he presents an unusual mix of old and new.

Lee Sang-min
Lee Sang-min is the leader of the Korean b-boying team Traveler CREW. He's a true rising star of Korean b-boying and tries to combine Taekkyeon and gugak with b-boying.