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Peace Insight

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : SAT 07:30 KST

Date : 2018-12-08

ㅇ The Site of Reunification

The Eoullim Hanmadang Unification Festival was held in Incheon.
It began in 2010 and it marks its 8th year this year.
There was a special reason it was held in Incheon.
Let's find out in "The Site of Reunification."

ㅇ Let's Talk

After ending their fun autumn date with a fight,
Bun-hee and Cheol-su have been in a cold war for two days.
Chul-soo steps up his game to soothe Bun-hee's anger.
Let's see what he will do in "Let's Talk."

Two Women Under One Roof

This segment is a story of two women living together under one roof. What mission do you think will be waiting for them today?
I'll give you a hint!
A woman that exercises, a chandelier, and a vampire.
Let's check out the correct answer in this clip!