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Peace Insight

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : SAT 12:15 KST

Date : 2017-10-21

ㅇThe Site of Reunification ㅇ
A Cry for World Peace, Artist Han Han-guk

There is someone who creates art out of the Korean language and the map of the Korean peninsula. On today's "Site of Reunification," we meet Artist Han Han-guk, who conveys his wish for reunification to the world through his beautiful artworks.

ㅇ The Footprints of Reunification ㅇ
North Korea's Participation in the Busan Asian Games

There is a sports event that takes place every 4 years to endorse world peace amongst Asian nations.
The Asian Games. The 14th Asian Games in Busan was even more significant due to the participation of the North Korean Team and Cheering Squad. We revisit that day on the "Footprints of Reunification."

ㅇ Looking at Unification Law, the Way to Live in Korea ㅇ
Lend Me Your Name

This is a reenacted drama series based on real cases of North Korean defectors settling in South Korea for the purpose of law mentoring.
This new section "Looking at Unification Law, the Way to Live in Korea"
presents "Lend Me Your Name" as its first episode.