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Peace Insight

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : SAT 07:30 KST

Date : 2018-04-23

ㅇThe Site of Reunification

It's not easy for North Korean defectors to start a business just after settling in our society.
On today's "The Site of Reunification,"
we meet a North Korean defector CEO who has achieved the dream of owning his own business by running a food truck.

ㅇ Looking at Unification Law

Today's "Looking at Unification Law" segment features Oh Jang-cheol, who is in his 4th year of living in South Korea.
The story begins when Mr. Oh Jang-cheol suddenly collapses onto a street and is sent to the hospital.
Let's find out what happened.

ㅇ The DMZ

Ms. Kim Myeong-hui runs a goat farm within the Civilian Control Line area.
Whenever she misses the food of her homeland in Hamgyeong-do Province, she shares food with her neighbors to soothe the feelings of yearning.
How would Hamgyeong-do tofu rice, made with the cooking skills of Ms. Myeong-hui, taste?
Let's find out on "The Wish of Goat Farm Owner Ms. Kim."