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Cooking Possible

What's on This Episode

Past Program

Date : 2017-02-20

Cooking Possible Ep7

The theme of the seventh Cooking Possible episode is holiday food! Chefs Lion and Lee Jinho have stepped up to globalize Korean holiday food.

Chef Lion chose japchae, the most popular Korean noodle dish.Chef Lee Jinho's choice is manduguk that fills both the stomoch and soul.

The two chefs visited the masters of these dishes to learn their secrets to making fantastic japchae and manduguk.

Their first cook-off takes place in the studio!
Chef Lion's japchae vs. Chef Jinho's manduguk
Which dish did the judges like better?

The exciting first round was followed by a second contest with their prides on the line! The chefs recreated Korean traditional revitalizing foods only with the ingredients and spices from Turkey, this week's local country.

Chef Lion used vermicelli noodles instead of starch noodles, lamb instead of beef, and even presented the five cardinal colors of Korea (blue, red, yellow, white and black) with zucchini, red pepper, egg and eggplant.

Meanwhile, Chef Jinho made manduguk with beef instead of pork to respect Turkey's national religion Islam, Italian parsley instead of garlic chives and handmade lentil tofu.

What will these Turkish versions of japchae and manduguk taste like?

Check out the japchae and manduguk reinvented by Chef Lion and Chef Jinho, and find out the results of their exciting cook-offs on the seventh episode of [Cooking Possible]!

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