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What's on This Episode

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Date : 2017-03-11

ONSTAGE K Ep74 : Yaya

There are two contrasting views of Yaya's music; people either love it or hate it. Tackling a wide range of genres of music ranging from rock, electronic and classical music under the theme of "night and darkness," she takes us to a whole new world of music. Let's learn more about this musician on this edition of ONSTAGE K.

Yaya is a singer-songwriter, producer and the general artistic director of her music. She made herself known back in 2010 as the winner of the Hello Rookie Competition and released her first album, "Circus," in 2011, critically acclaimed second album, "Cruel Picture," in 2013, and new single, "Una Belleza Torpe En El Amor" very recently. Thanks to her unique and versatile musicality, she became the first Asian artist to have signed with ChinChin Records.

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