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4 Angles

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : THU 07:30 KST

Date : 2018-05-17

4 Angles Ep.221
▶Truth Behind May 18 Democracy Movement

38 years ago in Gwangju, citizens joined a pro-democracy movement on May 18 against the authoritarian government of the time, but many who lived through that history say the full truth of the crackdown has never been revealed. Fact-finding has been conducted by the city, but hopes are higher than ever these days thanks to President Moon Jae-in who vowed to get down to the bedrock of what happened in Gwangju 38 years ago. Learn more about the May 18th Democracy Movement and efforts to uncover the truth behind the incident.

▶Film Adaptations of May 18 Democracy Movement

May is a tragic month in Korea's modern history with thousands sacrificing their lives for democracy during the May 18th Democracy Movement. Along with those fighting to uncover the truth behind the incident, films have also been shedding new light on the historic movement to punish the person responsible for the horrendous crackdown and honor the guardians of democracy. These movies touch the heart in a way the pen cannot. Take a look at the movie portrayals of the May 18th Democracy Movement.

▶Reconnection of the Cross-Border Railway

The success of the Moon-Kim Summit has reinvigorated a number of projects on the Korean peninsula. Among them is the reconnection of railways between the two Koreas, as announced in the Panmunjom Declaration. Let's learn about the prospective cross-border railway and the possibility of traveling from Seoul to Paris by train.

▶Yeoncheon Miracle Youth Soccer Club

Thanks to the warming ties between South and North Korea, more exchanges are taking place between the two Koreas across all outlets, not to mention soccer. In tune with the movement, the Yeoncheon Miracle Youth Soccer Club was established last March to encourage more exchanges between the youth of the two Koreas. The team will represent South Korea at the International Under-15 Football Tournament set for Pyongyang in July to pave a path to peace at the grassroots level. Meet the Yeoncheon Miracle Youth Soccer Club.