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Global Business Report

Episode 276

World Ch. Schedule : MON 06:30 KST

Date : 2019-04-01

[Global Business Report] Episode 276

A special device has been developed for visually impaired musicians to sense the movements of the conductor's baton. It's expected to help them better follow the musical interpretations and directions of the conductor while further boosting their potential.

A growing number of cold cases in the United States are being solved thanks to the progressive advances made in genealogy and DNA analysis technology.

It's been reported that a British man has been cured of AIDS following a stem cell transplant. This is the second case of AIDS being cured, and it's expected to lead to a breakthrough to conquer the disease.

In contrast to China, which has recruited around 8-thousand future leaders in science, technology and entrepreneurship through its Thousand Talents Program, Korea has been suffering from an outflow of such talents. To overturn the situation, the government is set to introduce a similar

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