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Global Business Report

Episode 268

World Ch. Schedule : MON 06:30 KST

Date : 2019-02-04

[Global Business Report] Episode 268
In today’s aging society, a large portion of the population is suffering from geriatric diseases and conditions. Amidst this trend, robotic pets have been developed in the United States to help the elderly stay healthy.

Esophageal cancer is difficult to detect in its early stages... as it is typically without any *visible symptoms. To facilitate early discovery, a testing device has been introduced in the United Kingdom.

Metabolic engineering, which involves using microorganisms to produce chemicals, is garnering attention as eco-friendly technology. A Korean research team has created a map of all the possible metabolic engineering methods that exist today.

Hayabusa2 launched by Japan in 2014 will attempt to land on the asteroid, Ryugu, in late February. Its mission is to collect rock samples and return them safely to Earth by 2021.
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