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Tales of Hansik

Tales of Hansik #5: Juk

Past Program

Date : 2015-03-31

Tales of Hansik #5 : Juk

Korean tables have been set with rice and side dishes for thousands of years. On Arirang TV's "Tales of Hansik," we introduce the secrets of Korean cuisine, now attracting global attention as healthy slow food.

In the "Juk" episode of Tales of Hansik, we learn about juk, or Korean-style porridge, the first food to be made from grains in Korea. We discover their types, their history, the benefits of juk, and the ways in which juk is served.

Along with bap, juk is considered a staple food in Korea. The 200 kinds of juk that are served today are all derived from white juk, which is a simple alternative for breakfast and the easiest juk to make.

To explore the health-boosting properties of juk, we look at the etymological roots of "eojuk," eojuk's health benefits, and the ways in which fish from the Geumgang River are caught for juk.

Then, we look at the tradition of eating patjuk on winter solstice known as "Dongji," and discuss juk as a symbol of sharing and caring. We also explore the health benefits of juk through the popular patjuk (red bean juk) and hobakjuk (pumpkin juk).

We also discover the healing power of juk which makes it a perfect dish for patients ?pine nut juk, black sesame juk, abalone juk, and meat juk.