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Arts Avenue

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : THU 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-10-26

Arts Avenue 2017 Ep.43
Fine Art
Deoksugung Outdoor Project: Light, Sound, Landscape

A special modern art exhibition is held at Deoksugung Palace in celebration of the 120th anniversary of the establishment of the Korean Empire. The place became a royal palace during the 1592 Imjin war with King Seonjo being the first Joseon king to reside at the palace. A wide range of compelling artworks by 9 local artists featuring music, photos, installation arts and video images grabs the attention of the audience. How about taking a walk into this breathtaking place of Korean history?

studio COM

Two hip, young and talented space designers are the talk of the town. In the world of exhibition space design where both money and time are tight, studio COM designer Kim Se-joong and Han Joo-won made a bold attempt to experiment with various compelling yet economical ideas through which they gained fame. Gradually expanding into other areas, they have carried out a series of projects where they successfully designed commercial spaces of all size. Meet the two brilliant designers with outside-the-box ideas and creative, daring spirit.


A new style of traditional Korean music performance, "Kokdu," mixed with elements of film, dance and play hits the stage of the National Gugak Center. Directed by film director Kim Tae-yong, "Kokdu" is an extraordinary story about two innocent kids, Sumin and Dongmin, and kokdus who accompany them to the other world, providing friendship, protection, entertainment and spiritual guidance along the way. The compelling performance delivers an important lesson that death is not something to be afraid of.



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