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Arts Avenue

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : THU 06:30 KST

Date : 2017-09-21

Arts Avenue 2017 Ep.38
Fine Art
Flâneur: A Record of A Stroller

Hanwon Museum presents a new local exhibition featuring captivating works of two up-and-coming artists who see the world in the eyes of a flâneur which means a stroller in French. Enjoy 56 incredible artworks of Min Jae-young and Jeong Hee-woo who seek to make a record of changes in the cities through various techniques such as rubbings or traditional ink paintings.

Beautify Yourself

Beauty illustrator Cheong Da-young stands at the forefront of the beauty trend and brings the latest makeup trend to her canvas, suggesting the best makeup strategies for women of different ethnicities or with different facial features. Cheong draws seasonal makeup illustrations that reflect the latest beauty trend when new products hit the market. Let's take a peek at the world of a beauty illustrator.

Ensemble Lab. M: The 1st Project- Moudone

Ensemble Lab. M consisting of violin, cello and gayageum proudly presents its first performance on stage. Violinist Kim Moo-sun, cellist Yoon Bo-ram and gayageum player Park Yi-seul join forces to create the perfect harmony of the string instruments from East and West. Indulge yourself in the beautiful melodies of Ensemble Lab. M.



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