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Arts Avenue

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : THU 10:30 KST

Date : 2018-06-28

Arts Avenue 2018 Ep.26
Fine Art
Dream of a Harmonious Llfe of Coexistence through Coral

Gallery IAng presents a special exhibition featuring inspiring works of art by artist Kim Ju-ryoung who sheds new light on the relationship between nature and human by taking a closer look at the life of corals in the sea. Many artists have focused on the theme of life, but Kim's art is special in that she considers corals as a medium to heal herself and others. Kim argues that the wonder of the cycle of birth and death of corals gives us an invaluable lesson to keep on taking on challenges in our life. Find out more about Kim's insights through her artworks.

Make Friends with Plants

What if we can bring part of nature including trees, flowers and grass into our daily life? Well, there is a person who is doing exactly that. Designer Kim You-in of Vasculum studio collects plants and creates a herbarium in the most interesting way. Inspired by nature that she encounters everyday, Kim creates a variety of products ranging from a tablecloth to a beverage coaster. Kim's ultimate goal is to bring people closer to nature in their everyday life. Let us take a deep dive into nature with designer Kim You-in!

Seoul Ballet Theatre - Colla. B

In celebration of its 24th anniversary, Seoul Ballet Theatre proudly presents a daring mix of ballet and jazz, modern, and traditional Korean dance. This year, four choreographers with different characteristics and styles from Seoul Ballet Theatre join forces to take ballet to the next level under the theme of the life of human and society. Prepared to be blown away by their powerful dance!


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