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Arts Avenue

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : THU 10:30 KST

Date : 2018-03-15

Arts Avenue 2018 Ep.11
Fine Art
Into a Time Frame

LG U+ Gallery C presents a remarkable array of artworks by media artist Lim Chang-min who brings a fresh visual experience to the audience. Lim creates his own world by blending dynamic visual images with intriguing still photographs. A window which repeatedly appears in his art represents a medium of communication with the audience. Lim is set out on a journey with his camera to search for a utopia at different times and places. Let's join him in his journey.

Spring is Here in Fabrics

'eunhyefabric' became the talk of the town for its wide array of home and living products made of fabrics with oriental patterns and rich colors. The store introduces a unique oriental retro style by engaging in a variety of collaboration projects with numerous local brands. It is currently developing new designs for patterns based on traditional images and figures which are believed to bring good luck. Feel the warmth of spring in its colorful fabrics.

Nonverbal Gukak Performance: SUN & MOON ​

If you are looking for some music that is new, more exciting and more powerful, then look no further than the nonverbal gukak performance, "Sun & Moon". Directed by Park Kolleen, "Sun & Moon" reinterprets traditional Korean music by adding a modern touch to it. Talented local artists play familiar foreign songs or EDM pops with Korean instruments and present captivating dances under the blinding, flamboyant lights on the stage of the Kyunghyang Art Hill. Be ready to enjoy music with your eyes and ears.



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