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Simply K-Pop

Ep.358 #JUNG_DAE_HYUN #PENTAGON #Stephanie #EVERGROW #JBJ95 #SEONGRI #ARGON #DreamNote #Great_Guys #HOT_PLACE #BVNDIT #Kangxiwon #1TEAM

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

Date : 2019-04-19

Simply K-Pop Ep. 358

Formerly of B.A.P, JUNG DAE HYUN returned as a soloist with his new mini-album "Chapter2: '27'".

"YOU'RE MY" is about self-reflection as one reminisces about the past.

simply K-POP

Self-composing idol group PENTAGON returned with "Genie:us".

Written by Hui, "SHA LA LA" is an exciting song that spotlights PENTAGON's strong points with witty lyrics and a powerful dance.

simply K-POP
Stephanie - Man on the dance floor

Stephanie returned after 3 years with "Man On The Dance Floor".

"Man On The Dance Floor" is an addictive dance song that describes a passionate relationship through dance.

simply K-POP
EVERGROW - Bon Bon Chocolat

EVERGLOW made their debut with "ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW".

"Bon Bon Chocolat" compares the moment of debut after much preparation with the sweetness of chocolate.

simply K-POP

JBJ95 returned with the concept "JBJ95, waking up with your presence".

The title song "AWAKE" is about the feelings of love that begin in the spring time after a long cold winter.

simply K-POP
SEONGRI - Glimmer

Former RAINZ member SEONGRI debuted as a soloist with his mini-album "First, Love" in April of 2019.

"Glimmer" is a ballad that describes the first confession of love.

SEONGRI - That's You

"That's You" is a song that expresses the moment love begins.

simply K-POP

New group ARGON debuted with their 1st single album "MASTER KEY".

"MASTER KEY" is about becoming the master key to all of your problems.

simply K-POP
DreamNote - Hakuna Matata

DreamNote returned with their 2nd single album "Dream:us".

"Hakuna matata" is about a girl wanting to cast a magical spell on a boy so that he falls for her.

simply K-POP
Great Guys - DANG!

Great Guys made a comeback with their new single album "Trigger".

The title song "DANG!" is a refreshing and exciting song that highlights Great Guys' charms.

simply K-POP

4-member group HOT PLACE debuted with their single album "TMI".

Changing up dance styles of 90s to fit current K-Pop vibes, "TMI" is about fully expressing yourself with confidence.

simply K-POP
BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus

Meaning "Be Ambitious N Do IT", BVNDIT is a newly debuted group.

"Hocus Pocus" is a fun song that presents BVNDIT's confidence that listeners will fall for their charms.

simply K-POP
Kang xiwon - CLICK CLICK

Kang xiwon is a soloist who debuted with her single "CLICK CLICK".

"CLICK CLICK" is Kang xiwon's title song with an addictive melody that's easy to sing along to.

simply K-POP

Kicking off in March 2019, 1TEAM debuted with a name meaning, "Becoming one with unique members coming together".

With an R&B style,"VIBE" describes the confidence and energy of boys.

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