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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 (Korea 17:05) KST

Date : 2017-07-21

Simply K-Pop Ep 274 Line-up
KIM TAE WOO - Following

Working with many artists like Mad Clown, and 2PM's JUN.K and TAECYEON, KIM TAE WOO returned with his 6th album "T-WITH."
The title song "Following" carries KIM TAE WOO 's clear voice along with a trendy beat that provides healing to its listeners.

simply K-POP
Jessi - Why

Showing her uniqueness in different genres since her 2005 debut, Jessi dropped her 1st solo mini-album "UN2VERSE" after 12 years.
"Why" is about ignoring people of negativity and allowing yourself to shine confidently like a luxury brand.

simply K-POP
HALO - I'm afraid

Stepping aside from the cute image they've show before, HALO made a mature transformation for their 3rd mini-album "HERE I AM."
Self-composed by member JAEYONG, "I'm afraid" is about the feelings of regret that follow after a breakup and the fear of never seeing your ex-lover again.

HALO - Here Here

Showcasing HALO's soft but powerful voices, "Here Here" has witty message to a lover, saying things like, "The place where you should be is next to me."

simply K-POP
Stellar - The Tree of Sephiroth

With the addition of a new member, Stellar returned as five after 11 months with their 3rd mini-album "Stellar into the World."
The title song "The Tree of Sephiroth" holds a strong mystical aura with its melody, tune, and lyrics, allowing fans to find new charms in Stellar.

simply K-POP
NC.A (with JE YEUL) – Love me

After six months since her last release, NC.A unveiled her new song, "Love me," with emotional vocalist Sugarbowl.
With Sugarbowl helping NC.A make the song sweeter, "Love me" compares love to reading a book.

simply K-POP
SNUPER - The star of stars

After meeting fans in Japan, Vietnam, England, and more through the global stage, SNUPER returned to Korea to release their repackaged album "The star of stars."
"The star of stars" is about someone wanting to exhaust everything he has to make his lover shine like the brightest star.

simply K-POP
BADKIZ – Give it to me

After dropping songs that show their unique colors, BADKIZ returned with an upgraded image to fans.
With a strong brass sound, "Give it to me" is an urban dance song about seducing a man that's playing hard-to-get.

simply K-POP
KNK - Rain

Successfully completing their second single promotions recently, KNK returned to fans with their repackaged album "GRAVITY, Completed."
As the title track of the repackaged album, "Rain" is about reminiscing about an ex-lover on a rainy night as well as reliving the emotions of the breakup.

simply K-POP

With each of her songs becoming hits upon release, PARK BO RAM made a comeback after a year and three months with her 2nd mini-album.
"WHY YOU" is a song that contains honest lyrics about being reminded of a certain person and having to relive those feelings once again.

simply K-POP
KARD - Oh NaNa

Consisting of co-ed members, KARD successfully completed their debut project to reveal their 1st and debut mini-album "Hola Hola."
Revealed through their debut project, "Oh NaNa" received a lot of love from the public as a serenade full of sweet charms.

KARD - Hola Hola

Reminding you of the blazing sun and the refreshing beachside, the title song "Hola Hola" highlights KARD's unique vocals and charms.

simply K-POP

Following their repackaged album "I'm a HOTSHOT" in July of 2015, HOTSHOT returned after two years to the music spotlight.
Of the future bass and urban R&B genre, "Jelly" was created with the members participating in the lyric writing process and the choreography.

simply K-POP
VAV - ABC (Middle of the Night)

Racing through 2017 with "Venus" and "Flower" releases, VAV made a return with their digital single album "ABC (Middle of the Night)."
Of the tropical house genre, "ABC (Middle of the Night)" has a very refreshing sound and melody that will blow the heat away this summer.

simply K-POP