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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

Date : 2018-04-20

Simply K-Pop Ep. 308

Changing things up from their previous sexy concepts, EXID made a comeback with a new retro concept for their new single.

Of the New Jack Swing genre from the 90s, "LADY" carries a funky rhythm and a retro melody that's expressed with EXID's uniqueness.

simply K-POP
Changmin Lee - Think too much

Beginning his first solo activities since debut, Lee Chang-min released his new mini-album "The Bright Sky."

With a calm melody and Lee Chang-min's soothing voice, "Think too much" is a song that expresses the feelings of the modern people as they go through their daily struggles.

simply K-POP
HOYA - Angel

Taking on the solo challenge, HOYA released his 1st solo mini-album "Shower," filling it with honest stories of himself.

Describing his dream girl as an angel, "Angel" is a song with a mystical and dreamy sound that draws out what being in love would be like.

simply K-POP
ERIC NAM - Honestly...

Transforming into a sophisticated and sexy man with unexpected charms, ERIC NAM returned with his 3rd mini-album "Honestly."

With ERIC NAM participating in the song and lyric writing process, "Honestly…" is a song that draws out the true feelings of man who ponders over ending a relationship.

simply K-POP

Showing amazing improvement with each album release, PENTAGON brought honest, light, and witty music in their new 6th mini-album "Positive."

With a memorable piano riff, the title song "Shine" describes the honest feelings of a person who has a crush, but no confidence to confess.

simply K-POP
VROMANCE - Oh My Season

Releasing songs with the theme of love and confessions in order, VROMANCE unveiled "Oh My Season" to finish up their "Confession Trilogy."

Perfected with voices like a warm spring breeze, "Oh My Season" is a sweet song with pretty lyrics that are worthy of singing to a lover.

simply K-POP
IMFACT - The Light

Now in their 3rd year since debut, IMFACT returned to show a new concept, new genre, and new performance through "The Light."

"The Light" is a song of the drum and bass genre with dynamic rhythm and is about how love and dreams shine when further away.

simply K-POP
Samuel – ONE

Attempting a transformation into a man with overflowing charisma, Samuel made a comeback with his 2nd mini-album "ONE."

As a dance song of the electro house genre, "ONE" is about wanting to become the only one in each other's lives.

simply K-POP
THE BOYZ - Giddy Up

Being spotlighted with a prince charming concept, the 12-member boy group THE BOYZ made a comeback with their 2nd mini-album "THE START."

As a refreshing dance song of the funky pop genre, "Giddy Up" has a modernized melody with lyrics filled with passion.

simply K-POP

As a project group consisting of members of a popular audition program, YDPP includes the members' preferred musical colors of "Youth, Dream, Passion, and Purity."

Carrying a bright atmosphere, "LOVE IT LIVE IT" is a retro synth pop song with an assortment of fun sounds, ranging from strong drum beats to playful voices.

simply K-POP
IN2IT - SnapShot

After debuting in October of 2017, IN2IT returned with even more stylish music and manly charms with their new album "SNAPSHOT."

As a mysterious synth-pop song from start to finish, "SnapShot" aurally paints a model walking down a runway with a voguing performance to perfect it.

simply K-POP
HyeongSeop X EuiWoong - Love Tint

With determination to blossom beautifully in the near future despite the instability of youth, HyeongSeop X EuiWoong released their 2nd special album.

Starting off with a modern piano melody and jumping into tropical house beats, "Love Tint" is about the fresh and cozy feelings of a boy in love.

simply K-POP
The Rose - BABY

Recently completing a successful overseas tour just 6 months into their debut, The Rose returned to release their 1st mini-album "Void."

Expressing the feelings of frustration and sadness within, "BABY" is a song about a man who lets go of his lover after their relationship slowly comes to a halt.

simply K-POP
Oppa Ddal - Sal Lang Sal Lang

Showcasing their unique emotions and colors, Oppa Ddal is a band that seeks to give fresh and comfortable music to their audience.

"Sal Lang Sal Lang" is a song with an addictive chorus that stands out as well as lyrics that paint a picture of a warm, gentle spring breeze.

simply K-POP