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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

Date : 2018-07-13

Simply K-Pop Ep. 320
World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST
Korea Ch. Schedule : SAT 23:00 KST
South Club - OUTCAST

Representing the stories of this generation's youth, Nam Tae Hyun's band, South Club, made a comeback with their 2nd mini-album.

“OUTCAST" is about the transition period of inexperienced people in their 20s who create their own thoughts and feelings despite what's expected of them.

simply K-POP

Rising to stardom through an audition program and the project group JBJ,KIM DONG HAN returned as a soloist with his 1st mini-album “D-DAY."

Showing a reserved kind of sexiness with a charismatic performance, "SUNSET" compares being in love with the scarlet color of a sunset.

simply K-POP
KangNam - You do well yourself

Widely known as a variety show star, KangNam made a transformation into a trot singer, bringing completely new charms to the music scene.

Produced by Tae Jin-ah, the godfather of trot, “You do well yourself" is a trot song with a powerful melody and addictive chorus.

simply K-POP
ONF - Complete

Turning heads with their refined music and performance, ONF returned after 10 months with their 2nd mini-album “YOU COMPLETE ME."

With the feeling of speed mixed with house beats, “Complete" focuses on the lyrics “You might not believe it, but I need you to complete me."

simply K-POP
A.C.E - Take Me Higher

Gathering much interest with their clean-cut performances, A.C.E returned as boys in love with their new album "A.C.E Adventures in Wonderland."

Filled with an exhilarating melody made with a variety of acoustic instruments, "Take Me Higher" describes the fantasy world of a man who's fallen in love.

simply K-POP

Showing growth from their pure boyish image, MYTEEN returned with a matured concept for their 2nd mini-album "F;UZZLE."

As an anticipated title song "SHE BAD" is a EDM pop dance song with lyrics written by member Shin Jun Seob and choreography made by VIXX's N.

simply K-POP
FlaShe - BabyLotion

Full of talent and charms, the girl group FlaShe returned, bringing positive energy with them to the music industry.

"BabyLotion" is about the couple's last night together as they have a serious and straightforward conversation to end the relationship.

simply K-POP

Short for "Girls Be the Best," GBB is a new girl group that debuted with a bright retro concept, determined to do their best and be the best.

Made whole with a fun choreography, "KEMI" is exciting song with a refreshing melody and repetitive lyrics easy to sing along.

simply K-POP
Mi Gyo - Rain Sound

Spotlighted as a female vocalist of the new generation, Mi Gyo returned with deeper emotions and a matured voice for her 1st mini-album "Rain Sound."

As a song that everyone can relate to, "Rain Sound" is about the severe feelings of longing for an ex-lover, especially on a rainy day.

simply K-POP
WALWARI - Everyday brother

Ready to attack the hot summer with a refreshing song, the co-ed group WALWARI returned after a year with their new song "Everyday brother."

Using "beach" and "vacation" as the themes, "Everyday brother" is an exciting song that describes the heart flutters as a relationship just begins.

simply K-POP

Consisting of young members who began as child actresses, BUSTERS returned with a new and exciting dance song for the summer.

As a song that highlights BUSTERS' cute voice and bright energy, "GRAPES" compares love to the sweet and desirable taste of grapes.

simply K-POP
Like a Movie - Twilight

The new 6-member group Like A Movie hope recently debuted, determined to move the audience like a movie.

Of the electro funky genre, "Twilight" is Like a Movie's debut song that showcases vocal talent and quality performance.

simply K-POP