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Simply K-Pop

Ep.353 - Ha Sung-woon, HYOMIN, ONF, (G)I-DLE, Dreamcatcher, LOONA, Seven O'clock, A train to autumn, TREI, TST, ARGON, VANNER

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

Date : 2019-03-15

Simply K-Pop Ep. 353

HA SUNG WOON revealed his 1st solo mini-album "My Moment".

The title song "BIRD" is about being reborn as a bird to fly high to the top.

simply K-POP
HYOMIN - Allure (Jazz ver.)

Highlighting her colors, HYOMIN returned with her 3rd mini-album "Allure".

Bringing different charms from the original, "Allure (Jazz ver.)" is about a woman who's ready to make everyone fall for her fatal charms.

simply K-POP
ONF - We Must Love

ONF unveiled their new 3rd mini-album "WE MUST LOVE".

"WE MUST LOVE" is a confession song about meeting and falling in love by fate.

simply K-POP
(G)I-DLE - Senorita

Receiving much love since their 2018 debut, (G)I-DLE made a comeback with their 2nd mini-album "I made".

simply K-POP
Dreamcatcher – PIRI

Dreamcatcher released their 4th mini-album "The End of Nightmare".

With distinct sounds of flute and whistling, "PIRI" describes the desire to escape loneliness and anxiety.

simply K-POP
LOONA - Butterfly

Following their 1st mini-album, LOONA returned with their new album "X X".

"Butterfly" is about finding courage, an identity, and a voice through LOONA's songs to create a butterfly effect.

simply K-POP
Seven O'clock - Get Away

With their 1st single album, Seven O'clock released "Get Away".

Unlike the bright melody it carries, "Get Away" is about not being able to forget someone after the breakup.

simply K-POP
A train to autumn - Farewell Again

Talented vocal group "A train to autumn" released their 2nd digital single "Farewell Again" from their 5-part farewell project.

"Farewell Again" highlights the groups' vocal talents with orchestral sounds.

simply K-POP
TREI - Gravity

3-member boy group TREI debuted with their 1st mini-album "BORN;本".

"Gravity" is of the pop dance genre about how ex-lovers grow apart as time passes following the breakup.

simply K-POP
TST - Wake Up

TST made a comeback with their 3rd single album "WAKE UP".

"Wake Up" tells the story about discovering the precious things in life through a dream.

simply K-POP
ARGON - Earth and the Moon

5-member group ARGON debuted with their 1st single album "MASTER KEY".

"Earth and the Moon" is about a man who's unable to approach the one he loves, comparing the situation to the earth and the moon.


"MASTER KEY" is about becoming the master key to all of your problems.

simply K-POP
VANNER – Better Do Better

New boy group VANNER debuted with her 1st full-length album "V".

"Better Do Better" describes the feelings of a man, whose love for his love grows more and more day by day.

simply K-POP