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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

Date : 2018-03-16

Simply K-Pop Ep. 303
CLC – Black Dress

Raising anticipation with each album concept and genre, CLC returned with matured charms with their seventh mini-album, "Black Dress."

With a strong melody, CLC's title song "Black Dress" is about a woman who uses a black dress to seduce someone.

simply K-POP
APRIL – The Blue Bird

As a group that's had a variety of concepts since their debut, APRIL returned with their fifth mini-album "The Blue" just in time for spring.

The title song "The Blue Bird" describes the feeling of having a crush and the longing to become that person's blue bird.

simply K-POP
SoJung – Stay Here

Standing between winter and spring, LADIES' CODE member SoJung returned with an album with tracks that sing of spring.

As an R&B song that keeps the tension high at all times, "Stay Here" holds the meaning of a frozen heart blossoming open as the ice melts away.

simply K-POP
Weki Meki - La La La

Showing themselves as they are with their carefreeness,Weki Meki made a comeback with their second mini-album "Lucky."

With dynamic drum beats covering the chorus, the title song "La La La" is about the honest and straightforward love confession of a teenager.

simply K-POP
Golden Child - LADY

Ready to differentiate themselves from other groups,Golden Child unveiled their refreshing charms, releasing their 2nd mini-album.

With an emotional melody in the trendy urban style, "LADY"is a sentimental song that describes what being in love is like in detail.

simply K-POP
CHEETAH - I'll Be There

Known for her charismatic presence on and off the stage, CHEETAH released her first full-length album since debut.

Using percussion and trap sounds to create surreal vibes "I'll Be There" honestly expresses the moment of falling in love in CHEETAH's unique way.

simply K-POP
HEYNE - Insomnia

Now in her 6th year since debut, HEYNE transformed into a singer-songwriter to deliver her honest feelings through her latest song.

"Insomnia" is a ballad that carries a dreamy melody and an acoustic guitar sound that matches well with HEYNE's clear voice.

simply K-POP
The EastLight - Real Man

Consisting of teen members with musical skills that are acknowledged by the public, The EastLight is a 6-member band that debuted in 2016.

A refreshing song with disco beats, "Real Man" is about the cute jealousy felt by a teenager who is determined to woo an older woman that he likes.

simply K-POP
JANG MOON BOK (With Yun Hee-Seok & So Ji Hyeok) - RED

Known as the icon of passion, JANG MOON BOK shared his ordinary but special stories by releasing his first mini-album "Peeps."

Comparing the fiery color to love, "RED" is about falling dangerously in love with a woman who has fatal charms.

simply K-POP
Cheon Danbi - A way to farewell

After placing second on an audition TV program in 2015 and receiving love for her powerful vocals, Cheon Danbi made a comeback with a new single.

As a ballad with Cheon Danbi's emotional voice, "A way to farewell" is about the unfortunate feelings of a couple that's walking towards a breakup.

simply K-POP
14U - Don't be pretty

Rising as a new generation hallyu idol group with successful Japanese promotions, rookie group Target unveiled their debut album in South Korea.

With members G.I and Woojin participating in the lyric writing process, "Awake," is a dance song with a good combination of hip-hop beats and orchestra music.

simply K-POP
W24 - Always missing you

With the acronym of "World 24," W24 is a newly debuted rookie band that dreams of performing all around the world.

Written and composed by member Yoon-Su, "Always missing you"is about going on an impromptu trip with a loved one or close friends.

simply K-POP

With the meaning of "Shine," Sha Sha is a new girl group, ready to show their friendly and colorful charms to the world.

As the title song of the disco genre, "YOU&ME" expresses the nervous yet exciting feelings of a new couple starting a relationship.

simply K-POP
N.tic- Once Again

Meaning "New Trend ICon," N.tic is a new rookie group who hopes to become a new trend in the music industry.

"Once Again" is about the heart-pounding feelings of a man in love who longs to see his lover again.

simply K-POP