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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

Date : 2018-11-16

Simply K-Pop Ep 337 Line-up
KIM DONG HAN - Good Night Kiss

Following the success of his solo debut album, KIM DONG HAN made a quick comeback in four months with his 2nd mini-album "D-NIGHT".

With KIM DONG HAN participating in the lyric writing, "Good Night Kiss" is a dance song with deep retro sounds.

simply K-POP

Consisting of former JBJ members Kim Sang Gyun and Kenta, JBJ95 made their debut with their 1st mini-album "HOME".

With Kim Sang Gyun helping to write the lyrics, "HOME" is about asking an ex-lover to return to the home they built together.

simply K-POP
Hong Dae Kwang - Windy Hills

As a balladeer who expresses emotions in depth with each album, Hong Dae Kwang made a comeback in 6 months with a digital single.

"Windy Hills" is about walking side by side with a lover while reflecting on the past and looking forward to a hopeful future together.

simply K-POP
Weki Meki - Crush

Bringing their bright teen crushin' colors once again, WekiMeki made a long-awaited comeback with their 1st single album "KISS, KICKS".

As a moombahton dance song, "Crush" about a girl in love making a bold and straightforward confession to the person she likes.

simply K-POP
SOYA - Artist

Searching for her own colors through the "SOYA Color Project" since January, SOYA returned with "Artist" as the grand finale.

The title song "Artist" is about SOYA hoping for her dreams as well as the dreams of others to come true.

simply K-POP
Golden Child - Genie

Loved by many for their musical colors and impressive stage performances, Golden Child made a strong comeback with their 3rd mini-album "WISH".

As a powerful dance pop song, "Genie" is about wanting to do everything a person can possibly do for the one he loves.

simply K-POP
SOHEE - Hurry up

As a member of the sweet and fresh girl group ELRIS, SOHEE made a sexy transformation for her solo debut.

"Hurry up" is a song about a woman who wants to confirm feelings and determine an ambiguous relationship quickly.

simply K-POP
NOIR - Airplane mode

Following their debut album promotions with "GANGSTA", NOIR returned with their 2nd mini-album "TOPGUN".

Full of NOIR's determination, "Airplane mode" is about flying high into the sky, despite how difficult the process is.

simply K-POP
MONIKA - Luvidu

Formerly part of the girl group Badkiz, MONIKA took her first steps as a solo artist with her 1st mini-album "Luvidu".

Made whole with MONIKA's unique voice, "Luvidu" is a song with addictive moombahton beats, guitar sounds, and strong latin vibes.

simply K-POP
14U - Compass(N.E.W.S)

After releasing bright and sweet songs since debut, 14U returned to find their way back to the fans with their 3rd mini-album "N.E.W.S".

"Compass(N.E.W.S)" is a song with a strong choreography about a man who still finds beauty in love that's full of pain.

simply K-POP
N.tic - Do you know who I am?

Appearing like princes in February 2018, N.tic returned matured with their 2nd single album "Do you know who I am?".

"Do you know who I am?" is a song with an addictive chorus that shows N.tic's confident and sophisticated colors.

simply K-POP
LIPBUBBLE - Yellow Pink

Continuing their bubbly concepts, girl group LIPBUBBLE returned with their 2nd single album "Yellow Pink".

With yellow for "warmth" and pink for "love", "Yellow Pink" is an exciting dance song as the girls express warm love in their own ways.

simply K-POP
HighSoul(Feat. Kiss N) - I LOVE YOU

Showing growth with each release, HighSoul returned with her 4th single and 1st remake album.

As a remake of group Zoo's beloved 1995 hit, "I LOVE YOU" has a bright and refreshing atmosphere and features Kiss N.

simply K-POP
DreamNote - DREAM NOTE

Ready to spotlight their fresh charms and bright stages, DreamNote debuted with their 1st single album "Dreamlike".

As if looking into the member's diaries, "DREAM NOTE" describes DreamNote's ambitions to achieve their dreams of rising to the stage.

simply K-POP