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Simply K-Pop

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

Date : 2018-09-07

Simply K-Pop Ep 328 Line-up
MOMOLAND is a popular girl group that set new records with “BBoom BBoom” climbing the charts and receiving over 200,000 music video views.

As MOMOLAND’s 3rd mini-album title song, "BBoom BBoom" is aboutwanting to gush out all their charms to woo the one they love.
MOMOLAND - Wonderful love (EDM)
As the title track of MOMOLAND's 1st single album, "Wonderful love" is a melo pop dance song drawing out the feelings of a shy girl in love.
With a fun melody, "BAAM" is a song that explains a situation when an unexpected person suddenly enters someone's heart.
simply K-POP
DAY6 - Congratulations
As the first band from JYP Entertainment, DAY6 is a group with members who are vocally, musically, and visually talented.

“Congratulations” is DAY6’s 2015 debut song about a man’s last words to a ex-lover who found somebody new.
DAY6 - You Were Beautiful
With a powerful rock sound, “You Were Beautiful” is about a man who reminisces about how his ex-lover was beautiful at every moment.
DAY6 - I'm Serious
"I'm Serious" is a song about a man who can't express his feelings correctly, and a woman who doesn't notice his feelings of love at all.
simply K-POP
The EastLight. - Don't Stop
Consisting of teen members with musical skills that are acknowledged by the public, The EastLight. is a 6-member band that debuted in 2016.

Of the rock genre, "Don't Stop" is a song that expresses The EastLight.'s determination to continue music despite how difficult it may get.
The EastLight. - Love Flutters
With a refreshing melody made of latin and tropical sounds, “Love Flutters” reminds you of the nervous and exciting feelings of first love.
The EastLight. - Never Thought
"Never Thought (I'd Fall In Love)" is a song that describes the process of the perfect girl becoming a girlfriend.
simply K-POP
BADKIZ - Just One Day
Ready to have fun with the public, BADKIZ is a 4-member girl group that debuted in 2014, hoping to become the music industry's little rascals.
Filled with sad lyrics, "Just One day" is about struggling between getting over a lover and wanting to meet him one more time.
BADKIZ - Ear Attack2
As a reinterpretation of their debut song, "Ear Attack 2" is a song with a trendy electronic sound with strong beats and a modernized melody.
simply K-POP
Jei - IF you Love ME
As the leader and main vocalist of the girl group Amor, Jei made a solo debut with the famous producing team, yummy tone.

Of the moombahton genre, “IF you Love ME” is about a girl in love wishing that the boy would approach her more straightforwardly.
simply K-POP
Known for their bright and bouncy charms, the girl group SHASHA made a comeback with their 2nd single album “WHAT THE HECK.”

As the title song, “WHAT THE HECK” is an uptempo pop dance song with an addictive and refreshing guitar riff and a bright melody.
simply K-POP
Crackshot - Follow me
Formed in 2013, Crackshot is a talented indie band with a brilliant history of winning at various rock festivals and award ceremonies.

Written and produced by member Willy K, “Follow me” is a song about asking fans to trust and follow Crackshot.
simply K-POP