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- Park Jung-woo

- Yoon Hye-young

- Yoon Hye-young
- Yoon Duk-kyun

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- Lee Tae-in

- Kim Eun-jin
- Oh Sun-hwa
- Lee Hye-seon

- Kim Ji-hye

- Park Yoo-jin
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The Sensation

The Sensation #24

Past Program

Date : 2015-04-16

“The Voice of the Strings, Haegeum & Ajaeng!”

A sound that pierce our hearts...
A sad tone that sounds like weeping...
On the knee of a woman, the bow wails over the burdens of our lives while creating the sounds.
The bow draws itself across the strings for the beautiful melodies.

The haegeum and ajaeng have infinite possibilities and enormous artistic value!
The artistic characteristics of the haegeum and ajaeng have now been rediscovered!
There is no doubt that a harmony, created by them, will lead another new ear of tradition.

Join us on this week’s “The Sensation” to listen to the melodies run through the bow and the strings of these two instruments,
controlling the joy, anger, sorrow and happiness of human beings.

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