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The Innerview

What's on This Episode

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:00 KST

Date : 2018-07-20

FashionDesigner & Theatrical Director JUNG Kuho

From'KUHO' to 'J BY,' designer JUNG Kuho's brands enjoy top status in the Koreanfashion world; they are some of the most sought-after labels in the land. Inaddition to his success as a star fashion designer, he also leads the Koreanfashion industry as the executive director of Hera Seoul Fashion Week as wellas the President of the Council of Fashion Designers of Korea. More recently,his creative journey has taken him well beyond the fashion scene and into theworld of theatre where he has established a second career as a theatricaldirector. Under his directions, the National Dance Company of Korea presented “Feast”and “The Scent of Ink” to offer fascinating reinterpretations of Koreantraditional dance; JUNG Kuho also directed the 20th anniversaryconcert of the Korean diva Oak Joo-hyun. INNERVIEW hears his philosophy ofceaseless challenge which defies all boundaries.

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