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The Innerview

Ep.33 Creating the face of cinema – Taehee CHO | Makeup Director

World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:00 KST

Date : 2019-02-22

Creating the face of cinema – Taehee CHO | Makeup Director

"Creating the face of cinema" is Korea’s first exhibition of makeup content. Makeup Director Taehee CHO, whose works include "The Great Battle" and "Masquerade," has collected items over 8 years to make this show possible. Having worked in makeup for over 20 years and on countless films, it took him a whole year just to contact the right parties for copyright clearance.

Having worked on both period works as well as contemporary pieces, CHO find a special meaning in the exhibition as it coincides with the centenary of Korean cinema. While the Korean cinema industry is certainly growing at a remarkable rate with at least one or two films attracting over 10 million viewers every year (in a country of 50 million, that’s no small triumph), the world of cinematic makeup very much remains an unchartered territory. CHO’s ambition behind the new exhibition is to tell more people about the role of makeup in cinema.

the innerview
the innerview