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World Ch. Schedule : MON 09:00, WED 08:00 KST

Date : 2017-10-04

Passage to Pusan
15, 000km journey of mother to meet the son!
The tearful story of mother who took 12 days form Brisbane, Australia to Busan, Korea and reunited with his son's soul.

The story of an Australian youth who died in a winter mountain in Korea
Vincent Joseph Healy.
He was a very beautiful young man. He was a handsome all-around sportsman who became a cover model for the military PR. He became a member of the Allied Forces Korea by the time the Korean War was in full swing. He was brave enough to take the lead in the marching troops. However, he died in 1953 at the end of the fierce battle at Wonju Maehwa Mountain. He was twenty-four years old.
Vince was the eldest of ten siblings. His father, a banker, did not take good care of his family because he fell into gambling. Naturally, Vince, as his eldest son, took care of his family and his younger brothers and sisters with his mother. To Mom Delma, Vince was a trusting son who believed and trusted more than his husband. When the Second World War broke out and an economic depression arose, Australia was in crisis. As the eldest son of a poor family, Vince decides to join the war. The salary received from the military was a great help for the family. Despite his mother’s and sibling’s dissuasion, he fought in the Korean War with his colleagues. Australian soldiers, who had always been accustomed to mild climate, had to endure the terrible winter of Korea with summer uniforms. Vince, who was able to return home in the middle of an eye injury, was treated only in Japan and returned to Korea again. And on March 7, 1951, eventually the last day of his life came to him.

15, 000km journey of mothers to meet the soul of the son
Vince's death news for the most peaceful and warm summer days. Mom Delma gets in touch and falls down on the spot. After that day, she has a goal of life. The goal is to go to Vince's grave before she dies. However, she did not have the money to go to Busan UN Cemetery where her son was buried, and she works for 10 years at the pineapple plant to raise money. She stood all day and peeled the pineapple, and her palms peeled and cracked because of pineapple acid. She collects the money and she finds the cheapest way to go to Korea. It was just to use the ship. The very first solo trip to the country, she went to Japan with a ship to go to Busan, and then arrived in Busan using almost every ride, such as a train or airplane. this journey took 12 days. And finally reunited with the soul of the son in the Busan UN Cemetery. In the future, Delma regains full peace and tranquility.

A Korean woman who became a mother of an Australian youth who don't know face
And her story is linked to another amazing relationship. The story of Delma was in a Korean newspaper at the time, and the war widow Kim Chang-keun, who read this heartbreaking story, is contacted by inquiring here and there. She promises to be a Korean mom to take care of Vince's grave on behalf of Delma, who cannot often be brought to the grave of her son. And every year, he goes to Vince 's grave with a flower and wraps it up and comforts his soul. A few years later, Mr. Kim's son immigrated to Australia and surprisingly, he followed his friendship with the Healy family.

A journey to Busan completed for a three generations
Louise Evans, granddaughter of Delma and nephew of Vince, was a journalist. She knew the story of uncle Vince and grandmather delma, which had been coming home for a long time. So she spent two years looking at all the materials and interviewing family members to write this beautiful story in a book. The title is just a . Louise thinks about the importance of freedom and democracy in Korea that Vince was trying to defend with his death, following the journey of Delma and Vince from the DMZ of Paju to the Mt. Maehwa in Wonju, where Vince died, and the Busan UN Cemetery.

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