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Arirang Special

The Land of Peace Autumn in Gangwon-do #2

World Ch. Schedule :   KST

Date : 2018-12-08

The Land of Peace Autumn in Gangwon-do #2

Chinese creators are coming to Korea?!
Beauty creators plus social media stars are visiting Gangwon Province!
Yearning for peace in North East Asia, listen to the history and stories of Korea in Gangwon Province!
A 6 nights 7 days special travel, with the complete package of things to eat, enjoy, and see.
From the DMZ train holding the people’s wishes, to exciting rafting on the Hantan river~
Enjoying the mouth-watering Hanwoo and mastering activities that make your mind relax!
A very special place that only opens for a month throughout the whole year, and a huge ranch where you can hang out with the sheep?!
There might be someone who never visited Gangwon Province before, but definitely there is no one who only visited once!
Falling in love with the breathtaking autumn season of Gangwon Province~
An emotional trip where the autumn foliage will make your heart warm.
Starting now!

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