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Arirang Special

Eyes of vigilance

World Ch. Schedule :   KST

Date : 2018-03-01

Independence Day Special「Eyes of vigilance」
Eyes of vigilance

The role of media from the March 1 Movement to the Candlelight Protests
As a first-hand eyewitness to South Korea's turbulent history and its path to democratization, Donald Kirk is recognized in the United States as a renowned expert in Korean affairs. After coming to South Korea in the 1970s, he covered the inter-Korean Red Cross Meetings as well as the country's numerous pro-democracy protests, leading all the way up to the Candlelight Protests of 2016.
Foreign journalists like Donald Kirk have played a meaningful role in the course of Korea's history, making the world aware of the March 1 Movement and the Gwangju Uprising in the face of heavy media censorship.
We take a closer look at the important function of media, through the history of foreign journalism here in South Korea as well as the first-hand accounts of foreign journalists working in the country.

arirangspecial arirangspecialarirangspecial