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Arirang Special

A Road to Peace [ What to Expect from S. Korea-U.S Summits ]

World Ch. Schedule :   KST

Date : 2018-05-21

A Road to Peace
A Road to Peace [ What to Expect from S. Korea-U.S Summits ]

The highly-anticipated meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump is set to take place in Singapore on June 12. South Korean President Moon Jae-in has been playing the mediator role between the two sides and laying the groundwork for the North Korea-U.S. summit, claiming its success will be critical to the peace and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. President Moon is expected to relay Pyongyang's position to Washington at his upcoming meeting with his U.S. counterpart and Washington's position to Pyongyang after the summit. What cards will Trump play to seal the deal on North Korea's denuclearization? We discuss Trump's approach to denuclearization and what to expect when Kim and Trump meet.

- Kim Jae-chun/ professor in the Graduate School of International Studies at Sogang University,
- J. James Kim, research fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

Inter Korean Summit Inter Korean SummitInter Korean Summit