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Technological advances are changing our lives.
Smart technologies are being applied to housing, transportation, logistics, finance, culture, fashion, and many other fields related to our day-to-day lives, transforming the way we live.

Referring to such changes as part of "the Fourth Industrial Revolution," economists around the globe are predicting that new technologies will redefine which of the countries are advanced nations.
Amidst these changes in the global landscape, what measures is Korea taking to position itself as a technological leader?
It was to provide a solution to this complex dilemma that the "9 National Strategic Projects" were devised, reflecting the key global trends of today's world.

The 9 projects represent the 9 areas in which Korea must channel its efforts to secure technological prowess and become a technologically advanced country. They include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, self-driving vehicles, smart cities, precision medicine, and carbon capture & storage - all fields that are related to cutting-edge technology or the future environment.

In today's world, smart technologies and environment-related technologies have become an inseparable part of our lives, their use no longer just an option. Through a multifaceted coverage of startup companies, commercialization efforts, etc. in each of the 9 strategical fields, we hope to shed light on how the relevant technologies are being embraced by Koreans in their everyday lives and ultimately paint the future of Korea and its technologies.